Artist, StaJe looks forward to his new single and further success in the music industry
Justin Payne, or StaJe, is a musical artist on a mission for success. He recently signed with Sony Music and released his new single 'Daddy' under the label on July 8th.
The Columbia, South Carolina native, as a young boy, would sing old classics in front of the TV with his mother, a powerful vocalist and source of inspiration for him. Today he is delivering sensational sounds on stage in front of many fans.  
While his journey has not been easy, StaJe, also an excellent athlete, is happy to have overcome the difficulties he faced when launching into the industry. This includes leaving behind everything he knew and moving to Los Angeles to chase his dream.
Today he is ecstatic to be celebrating his achievements, such as his music video for 'Up' hitting over 1 million views on YouTube. It also landed at #95 on the iTunes Top 100 Chart.
'Daddy' is his most recent project since an 8-month hiatus. The song carries a very catchy R&B vibe, and while it did just recently released, ‘Daddy' is already being played in clubs across the country and charted #10 on you UK Apple Music & iTunes Top 100 Charts for R&B.

The song has also already been on major radio stations such as 105.1 New York, one of the biggest radio stations in the country.
StaJe is super excited about the projects to come. He is currently on a festival tour on the West Coast with Rock N Roll Hall of Famer Buster Akrey.
He is looking forward to all the things to come, such as launching his album before the year ends. He will be performing at this year's Los Angeles Times ‘Eat See Hear’ on Sept 4th and is currently just finished up his Conejo Valley Days festival tour.

His story and success is so incredible and I truly know this guy will be one of the major artist in the industry for years to come!

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