Montana of 300 Announces 2022 Rap God Tour

Montana of 300 has announced he will be hitting the road for his 2022 Rap God Tour. Check out the full list of dates below.

The tour announcement follows the release of his highly anticipated solo album “Rap God” released on January 6, 2022. The album soared up to number 1 on the iTunes chart shortly after its release.

Montana of 300 has stated that after the release of this album, he will venture off into his other passions, including directing and writing movies, launching his NFT merchandise online shop, writing his own book as well as continually pushing his fellow members on his FGE label.

Shortly after the pandemic, Montana of 300 managed to perform at a few local shows including SXSW in Texas. Since those performances, Tiffany Gaines, who acts as a member of management as well as his publicist, arranged a meeting with Satellite Touring who was able to secure Live Nation in NYC, the Knitting Factory, and Elevation 27, just to name a few. They are currently working on a second leg of the tour targeting west coast regions aimed for a start date of September 2022.

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