Moonlight: A Creepy Collaboration of Cello and Zach Castro


Have you ever heard a song that isn’t terrifying but is so strong that it makes your skin crawl? Not every artist can make such hardcore songs that hit the cords of the heart directly.

 Hence, one such release of the latest times is Moonlight, a collaboration between Cello and Zach, two geniuses who came up with this masterpiece.

Sleep Walk in the Moonlight

Cello is a well-known hip-hop artist with a style like none other. He carefully works his way through words, beautifully pairing them up with tunes to create melodies that reflect his personality.

Subtle yet powerful, Cello’s songs never fail to touch the heart. he writes his songs, curates the tunes, and voices them in his fabulous vocal to bring them to life. And when the highly-talented singer and writer teams up with another aspiring performer, Zach, the new release is surely deadly.

Hence, both these wonderful singers have successfully released their new song, the Moonlight, true beauty in every sense. And until you listen to it, it is hard to understand how amazingly creepy yet wonderful it is.

The Moonlight is one of those songs that come from the heart literally and take no effort to be produced. Once the artists held their guitars in hand and strike the cord, they knew they have created something brilliant.

Moreover, the Moonlight is a simple song, with simple lyrics and a powerful tune that transports you to another world. Imagine being alone at home and feeling down. And then you wear the headphone and put this track on.

You’ll soon feel as if the singers, Cello and Zach are talking to you and sharing the same feelings. The song instantly makes you feel better in a different way, helps your mind to relax, and emits emotions that otherwise remain unsaid.

With this release, Cello and Zach wanted to underdo things, keep the tunes low so that it touches you deeply. Moonlight is creepy yet powerful. It's beautiful and simple, all in all, great collaboration and production of two wonderful artists that successfully came up with some unique.

Do not Miss Out on the Song

Calling all the people who have a great taste in music, if you wish to treat your ears to some great music masterpiece, do not forget to listen to the Cello and Zach’s Moonlight. It is a spectacular blend of rap and hip-hop, two different music genres blended in one to create something brilliant.

Whether you are a rap music fan or drool over hip-hop, Moonlight is a must-hear especially if you are fond of Cello and Zach. Within no time it is promised that you’ll be singing the song wherever you’ll be. Whether at the office or in the kitchen, the song will be the only thing you’ll be humming because the beats are hard to miss.

Hence, for all the music people out there, get ready to treat yourself to something as amazing as Moonlight soon!

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