I was sentenced to 20 years with 5 to serve at the age of 19. This isn't really about that though, I just thought you would need some background for this to make sense. When I was released I had no job prospects and any work experience I had was 5 years out of date. And lets be honest, how much work experience has a 19 year old really acquired. Being that I had been convicted of a violent offense, I had already been made aware of how hard it would be for me to find a job. Who wants to hire a person with a known propensity to put pistols to peoples head ( say that 5x fast). I had no desire to return to prison, being that I still have a 15 year suspended sentence any return trip is likely to be a long one. So I began a journey that I like to call My Temporary Life.

    I worked for Temp agencies exclusively for 4 and a half years. I had a few good experiences, a lot of bad ones and met some cool people and learned a lot along the way. Best of all I was able to make money legally! I sit and listen to these people blame the economy or their criminal record history for their lack of employment. I say the true culprit is their ego.

    Along the way I got the idea to film a documentary called My Temporary Life (hence the title of this blog) which would chronicle my various assignments as a human rental car. Don't get confused, you rent a vehicle for convenience and because you want to do something with it that you don't want to use your own vehicle for. You hire a temp for convenience and because you would like them to do something your real employees are incapable or unwilling to do. I eventually scrapped the idea of the documentary, all i had was shots of me in my car early in the morning or late at night describing my day. I couldn't get the clearance to film in a lot of the companies i was assigned to work with.

    The moral of the story though, is that for over 4 years i worked pretty consistently, granted my pay rates and job duties changed on a sometimes weekly basis, but i worked. Once i came to the conclusion that being broke was worse than working a shitty job i stopped letting my ego turn down work, and i worked. A lot of the assignments were bad and a lot of the working conditions were horrible as you may imagine, but I didn't lack for work once the agencies realized that I didn't complain and I showed up. Once I removed my ego from the equation and stopped looking at some jobs as being beneath me, I accepted them for what they were, temporary. No one does what they love to do out of the gate, at least no one with real aspirations. Along the way you have to do the grunt work, and that is applicable in every aspect of life, the only thing that changes is the type of grunt work.

    That has all changed recently though. My brother (not biologically, but family is who you choose it to be, only your relatives are genetically linked to you hence the term related but I digress) has opened my eyes to a whole new way to make money legally. This is actually my first blog in relation to that. If you would like to become a part of the financial revolution we are spearheading and put an end to your Temporary Life follow the link below.

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Comment by Melanie Renae on October 15, 2017 at 7:11pm

I can relate deeply to this...The ego making the choice to be productive instead of being made a product. 

Comment by K-Blao on January 12, 2013 at 3:33am
This is classic! Great post!

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