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Letʼs go on a hypnotic trip with Scoutsom‘s four-track album ‘Shamashʼ. Generally speaking, the Berlin-based duo keep an all-embracing approach characterized by smooth transitions and acidic textures. On another note, itʼs not they typical pumping Techno we are used to listening at clubs. In contrast, I would dare to say this project aims to induce a trance-like state on listeners. Further, get captivated by vintage-esque and futuristic melodies. However, to reach this point, Alexandre Antonio and Roberto Filippi meld analog/ digital synths. They have so much to offer with this material. For instance, they bet on dark and eerie tones on “Karlmarxstraße”, but also with tracks like “Rosemont” and “Namour”, even though the breathtaking soundscapes feature heavier beats. While “Rathaus Neukölln” features a repetitive groove whose robotic snippets remind me of Kraftwerk. Listen in full via Spotify.

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