#NewMusic Smoky Vega (@smokyvegaofficial) - Graduation

Artist Name: Smoky Vega

Song Title: Graduation

Smoky Vega was born and bred in the streets where they coined the phrase "city that never sleeps". The birthplace of hip hop and cultivator of amazing talent like Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Nas, Jay-Z, Sugar Hill Gang & countless others.
  Naturally Smoky grew to become a part of the culture along with falling in love with it. Inspired by the success achieved by others from those very same streets of poverty and a gift of gab that came natural Smoky began to write poems & rhymes.
   Years later Smoky went on to meet Motif whom helped nurture and perfect Smoky's ability to freestyle. As well as helping to push Smoky into the recording of tracks which turned into "put ya damn hands up" & "grimey" along with others that have since been lost over time.
  As time passes the craft became a vision to a way out and for better things in general. Smoky then goes on to master the technical portions of  music by attending and graduating from Full Sail University. Followed by interning at Slip & Slide Records & Uptempo Studios in Miami, FL and now leading to the creation of audio art.

Now Smoky is putting all that time and adding some effort to create art, expression & entertainment for the world!

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