On the Crossroads of Dancehall, Soca, Ska and Reggae- Versatile Jamaican-Born Artist Minna LaFortune Drops New Single

Celebrating Father’s Day with her highly anticipated, immersive new single, “My Brotherman”- Minna LaFortune strikingly blends styles to emphasize stories of  love, nature, and joy

BROOKLYN, NY, NY —June 17th, 2023 – An unparalleled Jamaican-born reggae singer-songwriter, Minna Lafortune captivates all with her stunning 10th single, “My Brotherman.” Forming one part of her ten-song debut EP, “Dance with Me” Volume 1, “My Brotherman” is a mesmerizing reggae composition that pays tribute to men around the world.

The compelling track beautifully portrays the strength and vulnerability which her husband and brother represented and championed. Minna, who has been a constant source of support, encourages men to embrace their emotions and recognize the power in vulnerability.

Inspiring audiences with her captivating music and videos, Minna LaFortune presents an enchanting musical interlude to transport audiences to a musical paradise. Much like the single, “Dance with Me” Volume 1, Minna’s debut EP, shines a light towards her versatility and diverse musical range. The digital release features ten original tracks that empower and inspire listeners.

With her original compositions, Minna LaFortune invites audiences to experience the bittersweet nostalgia of “Summer Love,” revel in the beauty of nature with “Gifts of Nature,” and be uplifted by the empowering message of “My Brotherman.” Standout tracks include the infectious soca anthem “Jump and Whine” and the uplifting ska number “Dream Big,” both guaranteed to get you on your feet.

The EP also features other captivating songs such as “My Secret Valentine,” “Mek A Money,” and its Dub version, each conveying unique stories and messages. Critics and fans alike have praised Minna’s exceptional music, which has already garnered tens of thousands of views on YouTube and gained popularity on Spotify playlists.

Minna’s music is produced by the talented Lee Holness and features stunning graphics and videos by Shantel Bradford, a graphic artist and Minna’s videographer, and captivating photography by Denish Holness, adding a captivating visual dimension to the music.

“To all my devoted fans and well-wishers, I genuinely hope that listening to these creations brings you as much pleasure as I experienced while bringing them to life,” says the artist regarding her newest release.

Whether it’s Father’s Day, a birthday, or an anniversary, “Dance with Me” Volume 1 serves as a perfect gift for your loved ones. Minna’s music including her debut EP is available on all online music platforms. Pre-order your copy of Minna’s debut EP on CD today at www.minnalafortune.com, priced at $15.00 inclusive of shipping.

Stream Minna LaFortune’s new music, buy her CD, and share the spellbinding new tracks with your family and friends!


Although Minna LaFortune may be a newcomer to the world of streaming and recording, her passion for music has been ingrained in her since childhood. The artist’s musical journey was influenced greatly by her parents, who played pivotal roles in nurturing her love for the art form. Her mother, a folklorist, would often serenade her with beautiful melodies, while her father would take Minna and her siblings to rum bars in Jamaica, where she learned to play the jukeboxes and danced to the rhythm of Jamaican pop music.

From an early age, Minna’s musical inclination veered towards opera and jazz, and she dreamt of becoming a singer. She pursued her passion by studying voice at Ardenne High School, where she actively participated in school choirs. Her dedication to classical training paid off when she won a prestigious bronze medal as a soprano soloist in the 1977 annual Jamaica National Music Competition.

Minna’s artistic journey has been shaped by a diverse array of musical influences. Legends such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Marcia Griffiths, Gregory Isaacs, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Barbara Streisand, Etta James and Leontyne Price have played a significant role in shaping her artistry, contributing to her unique and eclectic musical style.

As she steps into the streaming and recording world, Minna brings with her a rich background of musical experiences and influences that continue to shape her creative path.


Address: 1837 Brooklyn Ave, Apt 1, BROOKLYN, NY, NY
Email: minna154@outlook.com
Phone: +919177717935


Official Website: https://www.minnalafortune.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minnalafortunemusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnas_art_craft_poetry
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@minnalafortune
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@minnalafortune9413
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3QBCdECiWqOllacwbwfEAF

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