P.R.Precise to Drop Debut Album "Years In The Making" With Bentley Records

LA born May 17th Compton raised lyricist, vocalist,and writer, Marques Johnson was first  introduced to the music scene with the hit song “Enemies” once his new audience heard his talent the demand for who we know today as P.R. Precise started to continuously emerge into the music scene. His constant change up and styles between rap r&b and reggae tone shows his versatile range in his genre...

P.R.Precise is not only a musical lyrics but his music and videos hv brought together some of the most infamous gangs in Los Angeles for the culture of his music and as an influencer to future generations his current reggae tone hit is # 2 in South Africa and steadily climbing the charts. What stands out about P.R. Precise is that u can not put just one label on him or his style of music whatever a collaboration artist or management may need from him lyrically he can conform too. This type of stress helps him to have more longevity in an industry that's constantly changing. P.R. PRECISE is PRECISELY the up and rising "it" factor in today's constantly changing industry.


www.prprecisemusic.com (official website)
     @Therealprprecise (Instagram)

Presented By Bentley Records

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