Promogod, the name needs no introduction. If you take interest in music marketing and online businesses then you must have come across this name at some point. Promogod_33 is a professional music marketer/promoter helping numerous musicians accomplish their dreams. From booking shows, to running spotify campaigns online, etc Promogod_33 is the go to marketer for rappers looking for direction and revenue from streaming websites. Helping artist like Lil Haiti @thereallilhaiti gain millions of streams.

Promogod_33 Runs a promotion company called "dreams2realitypromotions" WEBSITE: Dreams2realitypromotions has the ability to make you go viral and reach millions of viewers. Their goal is to make sure your song reaches its peak by being exposed to the right audience. With the power of Playlists,Radio, TV, Videos, Social Media Marketing, Blog Posts etc. Dreams2Reality will get your content exposure at an affordable price. PromoGod_33 has also had great feedback from very well known rappers like STYLES P from D block and Ras Kas two hip hop legends. Check Out the video by STYLES P

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