Prophecies & Hadiths Of Prophet Nobel Drew Ali (A)

The Divine Prophecies & Hadiths Of Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Table Of Contents:

The Moorish Americans Are A True Nation Of People

About America And The Europeans

Holy Instructions To The Moorish

Drew Ali’s Warnings And Prophecies

About Moorish Men And Women

Experiences During The Prophet’s Life On Earth

The Holy Prophet In U.S. Cities And Other Countries

The Prophet Lineages Of Noble Drew Ali


The Moorish Science Temple

The Holy Prophet Speaks On Health

Proof : Who The Prophet Is Not And What He Did Not Say



THE PROPHECIES AND HADITHS OF PROPHET NOBLE DREW ALI (with commentaries) is a Chapter excerpted from the upcoming reformatted 3rd Edition of my Book “Noble Drew Ali / The Exhuming of A Nation.”  The 3rd Edition is an Adept Edition and will be including more enlightenments for the studious and industrious minds of Moorish Goddesses and Gods.  Those who are slaves to hatred will find the ethers far too fine and strenuous to draw from she the Holy Breath found throughout this last Single-Book Edition.  Inshallah, it will appear before the public domain by Spring of 2007.  Still, as death finds a certain comfort in a stagnant pond, all those in love with mental slavery will learn why their graves drop to its coldest at about 33 degrees. 


For the Moorish hearts and minds to be free they must strickly follow their Prophet Noble Drew Ali, himself the first conscious Moorish American, who’s portion was not wrath and who went not astray.  He was the first and last Moorish American to uplift the Moorish Americans by teaching them to be themselves … Moorish Americans.  No other Moorish American Leader has taught this required lesson of freedom since 1929.  For 77 years the Moorish have learned ‘membership’, masonry, US Citizenry, sheikdom,etc, etc, etc.  But they have not been taught to be “Moorish American”; an upright, independent nation and free.  For them to follow the pointings from various blocks of wood, in this new era of time now, is inexcusable and madness at its lowest depths.  Meanwhile, the Moorish Americans need to learn to love their  Holy Prophet as much as He has always loved us.  El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali was the only Prophet ordained by The Great God to save the Moorish Americans from the iron hand oppression of the pale skinned nations of Europe who are governing apart of Amexem at this time.  I am one of less than a handful of Drew Ali’s Adepts remaining on this plane and I must give to the Moorish as much saving power as He has given to me.  Marvel in the revelations you receive from reading the: 


Prophecies and Hadiths


Prophet Noble Drew Ali

(As Transcribed In 1972 From Dr. Rufus German-Bey to Divine Minister N. Pleasant-Bey, Swift Angel #1)


(The Holy Prophet’s Statements Shall be Quoted in REDFonts) 


If You Doubt That I Am A Prophet, Watch My Prophecies.” 



The Moorish Americans Are A True Nation of People

à        I forgive you of everything that you did before I came; now you are responsible for your deeds now.  Moors are not held accountable for the oaths taken and deeds done while they were in a coma and without knowledge of self.  But now The Holy Prophet has come, returning to them their free National Name and Old Time Religion, they are as responsible as all other true Citizens.

à         The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali told the Moors, I brought you everything it takes to save a nation, now take it and save yourself.”  Look at the saving powers owned by all other nations of the Earth, e.g. Free National Name, Flag, Emblem, Constitution, Land, Family Heritage, etc.  Now look amongst ‘everything’ He brought us and find yours like other nations have; Now take the things that are yours and save yourselves.

à         By you being born here doesn’t make you a citizen.  Negroes, Blacks and Colored People are names given to slaves during the time of slavery.  Those born under the powers of the 14th and 15th Amendments are not true Citizens but are declared “Persons” (Commercial property) under the assumable jurisdiction of U. S. Congress.  The word “Persons” as used in these Amendments do not legally translate into Men and Women.

à         Moors, be yourself.  To be your self is to be Moorish American, a free National Sovereign Being, bearing your one free national name.

à        Moors, study your self.  The Moorish must study self to know self and know self in order to be your self.

à         A beggar nation cannot attain to its highest degree of spirituality.  A prosperous nation must be economically sound.   

à         Imitate I, The Prophet.  Moorish Leaders, live a life of love, so that you will be loved as I the Prophet is loved.

à         This is the uniting of Asia.  “This” refers to The Moorish Divine and National Movement in North America.

à         In the year 2,000 the Moors will come into their own.

à         One day, when seven bridges cross in the sky, there will be Red Fezzes and Turbans for as far as the eyes can see.  In 1924 when The Prophet stated this prophecy there were no bridges crossing in America.  Today, the Los Angeles freeways and expressways form seven bridges of highways overlapping each other above ground. 

à         I had to go around my elbow to get to my thumb to get what I wanted established in this government.  He wanted to establish The Divine and National Movement in North America to save His People from the wrath (NBC) of Allah.  And The Holy Prophet had to go through the fire (the United States assumable laws of jurisdiction) in order to prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemy.

à         The only way out of the fire is through the fire.  The only way out of slavery is through the very laws that enslaved you. 

à         A Moorish leader is not to get up to speak under the influence of liquor, or any harmful motive that will seek to break up the families of men.

à        I come to set you free from that state of mental slavery that I found you in.  The Moors were enslaved by reducing their mentality to that of Negroes, Blacks and Colored People.  As a man thinketh, so is he.  

à         You are from Missouri.  I have got to show you.  By 1928 the Moors have endured such a mental beat-down here in the west until they did not believe they are a nation of people so Drew Ali went to the Pan-American Conference in Havana, Cuba and declared them as a clean and pure Nation before the United States and other National and Tribal Delegates in attendance.

à        Moors, you sleep too much.  Wake up and see the seven bridges crossing in the sky.  Can you see you are a People?

à         Wake up Moors and don’t go to sleep any more.  The Moors have been so Dumb-down until they have become mentally complacent with a Slave psychic. 

à         We need to have warehouses because one day the Europeans are going to let you down.

à         The times that have been, won’t be no more.

à         If I were you, I would get ready before you are made to do so.  If you are ready, stay ready; if you are not ready, get ready. 

à         Some of you Moors are going to throw away your name, just for a morsel of bread.


About America And The Europeans

à         Before the European came here, the bananas were large, and the grapes were four-in-hand.  It took two men with hand-sticks to carry one bunch of grapes.

à         The Moors were living up and down the Mississippi River before the European man came here (To Northwest Amexem [Africa], later to be named America. 

à         The Europeans went to the Moroccan government, and asked for permission to come over here (to Northwest Amexem) to develop this land.  They were given a 50 year mandate to do so.  Then the Europeans went to an old Sheik and asked him to give them some people to help them to develop this land.  The Sheik told them to: “Take those Moors, because they are not going to do anything.  It was the officials e.g. Sheiks, Caliphs, and Sultans of the various governments of the Moorish Empire (All Kingdoms, Countries, tribes and Nations of Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa) who permitted the Arab Slavers to capture and sell Moorish Nationals to the Europeans.   

à         The European is going to have to pay our people off for the work that they did in slavery, and pay off in compounded interest.

à         One day, the Europeans are going to lock the food up in warehouses, put soldiers around them to guard them, and you will go anywhere he says to get something to eat.

à         One day you will go to the store, and there will be soldiers there with guns with bayonets on them, and they will not let you enter.  They will order you to move on.

à         One day the European is going to let you down.  You are going to have to put up a 90 day supply of food to last you until your brothers come to your rescue from the East.

à         The Holy Prophet told the Moors, “Children, you are at home, and the European is 3,000 miles from home, and he is going to have to take some water.”  (The Moorish are indigenous to America, by inheritance and birthrights.  Our Forefathers civilized this continent 10,000 years before the Europeans discovered millions of us already using it.  When the Moorish reclaim this land the European must return to Europe, the land our Ancient Ones set aside for them.

à        One day, you are going to smell the Europeans before you see them, in boxcars, going back to Europe.

à         The European will not be able to remove all the wealth from the land.  After he goes back to Europe, mountains of gold will be revealed to the Moors.

à         When the Europeans go back to Europe, the climate will go back to what it used to be.

à         I like good peas and beans.  I am going to save 8% of the Europeans, because they are good farmers.

à         If the European be just, they would have an Asiatic Vice-President, and if they had an Asiatic President, they would have a European Vice-President.

à         I am going to stop the European from thinking, and start you (The Moors) to thinking for your own good. 

à         One day your biggest trouble won’t be getting with European women, it will be fighting them off.

à         Get a good European education and I can use you. Education is for Citizens to enhance their prosperity. Training is for property.  

à         The Holy Prophet while speaking would jump up in the air and laugh and say, Rome, 2000 years ago, you got me, but I got you today!  

à         I am going to leave the European here, just long enough to teach you how to run a government.  Today, the Moorish have been trained and well educated into every aspect of National, State and Municipal Governments.  Moors need only to be themselves in order to form a more perfect government and be recognized by the nations of the Earth.

à         Watch the newspapers and listen to the ratio, I am going to make the European tell the truth.

à         The European asks the Holy Prophet “Will we be saved this time?”  The only way you (European) can be saved this last time will be through the help of the Moors.

à         The Europeans were not going to give up until He looked death in the face.

à         Children, when you get on top, treat the European nice.

à         The European is our fellow man. 

à         They (The Europeans) will seek peace, but none shall be found.  The warlike nature of Europeans seeks peace through war but peace can not be found by those means.  

à         I am going to stop the Europeans from thinking.  If two or three of them get together on something, they will go back, and tear it up.

à         If you want European Grand Sheiks, I can give them to you.  The Holy Prophet got tired of the Moors always running to the Europeans and accepting their verifications over His lessons of freedom and salvation.   

à         In 1929 there was a European man, his wife and daughter outside the meeting of the 2nd Annual National Convention that asked Bro. Kirkman-Bey, “Where is that little man that used to be around?”  Bro. C. Kirkman-Bey let them know that He was no longer with us.  These Europeans started crying.  They were looking for the Holy Prophet.  That man was able to save his money during the bank crash, because he obeyed the Holy Prophet, and took his money out of the bank.

à        I have got the Romans in the palm of my hand.

à         One day, the United States will not be able to do any business, unless they do it through the Asiatic.

à         I am going to make the European enforce my law.  The duty of a Prophet is to save nations from the wrath of Allah.  The Holy Prophet brought the Moorish their Nationality and their Divine Creed so they can be law abiding.  And He is going to make the Europeans enforce these National and Divine laws.


Holy Instructions To The Moorish

à         Let all old business stay as it is, and all new business, do it in your free national name.

à         Let your good deeds out number your bad deeds, and when you pass away, you won’t have anything to worry about.

à         My good Moors are going to live.

à         We, the Moors, have the blood of every nation flowing through our veins, thereby bringing about a cross spirit.”

à         The Italians have our blood (The blood of the Moors) mixed in their veins, that is why they are so mean. 

à         I didn’t tell anyone where I was born or who my parents were, because I didn’t want people to make a shrine out of the place or make over my parents like was done with Joseph and Mary.

à         We (The Moors) are a hard-head, stiff-neck, mean set of people that have never done anything except at the point of a sword. 

à         You tore up everything that was brought to you, but I brought you something that you can’t tear up.  It will tear you up.  The Moorish Americans have torn up the “One Temple” into hundreds of confused sects, the salvation of their 2nd and 3rd generations and their rightful place in the affairs of men but they could not tear up their free national name or their Divine and National Movement.

à        The same truth that will draw you will drive you.

à         I brought you something that you can shout about.  

à         Children, you are just plain rich.

à         Let all old business stay as it is, and all new business, do it in your free national name.

à         It will take you 50 years to find out what I brought you, and if you are not careful, 50 years after I am gone, you won’t know that I have been here.

à         Children, one day, you are going to love me.

à         The biggest fool is the educated fool.  Property can only be trained and never educated.  The slave mentality misnomered as ‘Negroes, Blacks and Colored People’ is that of an educated fool.

à         Moors should learn Spanish as a second language.

à         Don’t even carry a pocket knife.  During the Prophet’s time, Moors still under mental slavery were arming themselves with small hand-carry weapons but no free national principles.  

à         If it were not for that little piece of red flannel, we would not get into so much trouble.” A Moor’s tongue is what gets him in so much trouble.  He talks more than he thinks. 

à         The only thing that hurts a duck is his bill.” Talking too much.

à         A good Moorish leader must study his Holy Koran and Divine Constitution and By-laws.  These holy and divine laws are for the guidance and protection of a pure nation of people.  A good Moorish Leader realizes finite mind cannot comprehend those things infinite so they must study in order to lead aright.  

à         The Holy Prophet pointed His finger and said, “My sheep know the sound of my voice; a stranger will not follow. 

à         I have come just before the fire.  When the fire comes I will be your water and if you do not get behind me you will not make it through.

à         I am going to let the fire touch some of you old Moors’ shirt-tails. 

à         I am going to let the fire scorch some of my good Moors.

à         One day, you are going to look for the good Moors, and you won’t be able to find them.

à         Stay out of the alley with your turbans and fezzes on.  During those days many Moorish would put on their headdress of freedom (turbans and fezzes) on their heads but had Negro thought-patterns in their heads. They would frequent bars, dives and alleyways as though they had brimmed hats and caps on their heads.

à         Carry your fez to the temple.  To keep the public from knowing of their doings unbecoming of a Free Person, The Holy Prophet called out this executive order.  It is to stand until the Moorish know how to act like a redeemed People.   

à         The only thing that would surprise me is if a Moor would do right.


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