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Artist Name: Young Dyno

Song Title: Pump Up The Volume

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Artist Bio: "I just want you to feel it!" A phrase commonly used by one of the most versatile 24 year old rap artist from Savannah Georgia, when asked why making music is his passion. Born Deonte Brown, Young Dyno begin to explore his gift for creating music at the early age of eight and made his first major appearance into the music industry with a very unique album, "Elevated Minds", released in 2017.
Young Dyno has always been a "little hustler" according to his family, who has been his biggest inspiration on his rise to fame. On December 24, 2018 Young Dyno independently started his own audio production business/ record label "Ensophoria LLC" in hopes to inspire and spread good vibes through the music that their talented artist release. Reaching ears worldwide, Young Dyno continues to impress his fans with new music consistently being released and stellar performances put on by him and the other half of "Bludynomic" (Young Dyno's 1st collaboration album with Florida native, producer, and hip-hop artist) Midnite Blu.
The sky isn't even the limit for this dream chaser. He continues to surprise his fans by stepping out of his comfort zone to create stunning visuals and by releasing mini productions such as "The Cut" which is a vlog series created, shot, and, edited by Young Dyno. Also refereed to as a "Jack of all trades master of none" when it comes to the entertainment industry, Young Dyno believes his longevity in the game will be unmatched as long as love lives because love is the basis of his Brand. "They say misery loves company, well happiness loves company too!"

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