RaneRaps Drops Hot New Single Titled "Diamonds & Perils."

RaneRaps’ Diamonds & Perils, was released on October 9th, 2016. Fresh off the success of his two DJBooth and HypeM blogged singles, You Thought Wrong and Sunrise, he presents D&P - his most cathartic project to date, which captures the window of his life from Dec. 2015 - Feb. 2016 - a period of heavy loss. The title is inspired by Prince’s Diamonds & Pearls, with the Diamonds representing the music itself and the Perils being the problems that RaneRaps at at his lowest.

Having quit music during the making of this project, D&P, was created to remind him of the importance of his first love - music, and a means of embracing all of the change he never asked for. Each song was written in a moment of either abundant joy or deep sorrow and that is reflected in the ebb and flow of the track list. From a boisterous "You Thought Wrong", to a soul-searching “Breaking The Ice”, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to emotional vulnerability.

Through the use of hip-hop influenced by Funk all the way to Gospel and Jazz, RaneRaps walks you through his darkest days. A special thank you to all the producers on this EP, especially Ellzo (https://soundcloud.com/ellzoofficial) and Sndwvs (https://soundcloud.com/sndwvs). Album artwork was handled by RaneRaps & LikoSukHoyd.

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