True love is mind and heart unity.  

When we are operating from our heart chakra there is no division.  The heart is equivalent to the ultraviolet blue spectrum of the full light spectrum of this dimension.

True or cosmic love happiness occurs only when two or more people unit in mind and heart as one person.

This is the key of so called marriage this high initiation is to become one from you heart and live your life as a unit of androgyny.

There is no other kind of real love.

Any other kind is material or physical love.    

The mind of Creator being half male and half female, so each pair of male and female Creators are called Twin Flames. Twin flames are always pairs and are even.  

All creation has a male and female or negative and positive principles. Negative is simply the complement to positive and is not derogatory.

Creator divides from 1 to 2 every time he or she is born on earth and the 2 are equal.

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