REG - "The Masquerade" | @RealReg1 [VIDEO]


Raleigh Hip-Hop Artist REG Unveils Captivating Visuals for His Single
‘The Masquerade’

REG is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina. He is of Sierra Leonean descent and grew up loving poetry and music. In High School, he started playing the clarinet while Poets like Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes inspired him. As he got older, he developed a passion for hip-hop music and began writing his own songs. REG taught himself how to produce beats and sample records, then eventually started performing at open mics. REG is passionate about live performance and believes the crowd deserves a great show. KRS-One, Rakim, Ice Cube, Nas, 2Pac, Public Enemy, and The Notorious B.I.G are the artists that heavily influenced him.


REG has released several songs and EPs, and his debut album, “Evil Surrounding The Positive,” was released in 2017. The project was primarily produced by REG himself and one that REG claimed he was particularly proud of. One of the songs “Lustful Ecstasy” featured friend and fellow R&B artist Germaine has been recognized on a French blog. REG continues to work on music as well as doing his podcasting on his YouTube channel. After dropping some more singles and EPs he dropped his project “RAW” in 2020. Standing for Reggie At War, “RAW” features a more hard-hitting sound compared to the previous albums. It has been described by Tunedloud as “The full blow to the gut only deepens with each subsequent listen, because once the frenzy of the music sets you up for what seems like a T.K.O. - the killer punch arrives with the lyrics.” 


Although the pandemic came that same year, REG has been slowly crafting another project he calls “Murder By The Symphony.” While doing that, he came up with an EP the next year called “Captivated Murderer.” Something of a precursor, the EP is supposed to represent the murder of the positive vibes once the events of the pandemic and the George Floyd riots happened but still wakes up their critical thought. “Murder By The Symphony” is expected to be due out later this year. 


In 2023, REG released the single “The Masquerade” which was written and produced by the aforementioned rapper. The song is a single from his upcoming project “Murder By The Symphony.” The song is a testament to asserting dominance and letting yourself know about the self-worth one can endure. The production has an interesting and distinctive sound with an atmospheric beat switch during the middle of his verses. The drums were influenced by hip-hop producer Timbaland and focused on the spacey yet heavy percussion that still has a fast rhythm. 


Be sure to connect with REG on all social media platforms; the visual is also available on YouTube.


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