Born 4/20/94; he got his name 'Robot Jones' based off the cartoon when he was in elementrary school because of his square shaped head & he was very smart like a robot, he was always in advanced classes and would even help tutor the older kids in his neighboorhood, (which was a project housing zone in the Dallas, TX area) where he grew to be known for his entertaining antics on Juke TV, and graduating HS with a 4.0 GPA. Fast forward 5 years later wheres he's building as an artist in Austin,TX; he drops this single, Westin , and he's solidified his spot as one of if not the most ready artist to take our cities hip hop scene to the next level. Then shortly after he had he his first child and he took some time off for obvious reasons with releasing his music. Now its 2019 and we have over 100 singles we want to release leading up to what can be the next classic project in hip hop if we get the hype built up properly. 6 months in to the year and Robot Jones is starting to see positive traction behind his most recent singles, Big Ol Booty and Big Dog. The timing couldn't be better for his new music as Robot intends to bridge the gap between his higher energy music with his more lyrical content as the summer draws closser to the fall.

With your help promo god we think we can break a strong new wave for hip hop outta Austin, TX with robots unique sound/ flows. Another rimportant thing to note for robots bio i dont know exactly where it would fit best but he's always been an artist ever since his third grade teacher gave him an old-style tape recorder, he made his first raps/ mixtape. And when he moved to austincirca '12 he recorded/ mix his own music and even edited many of his first ever visuals.

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