Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars...The Global STEALTH attack upon Humanity

ELF GWEN Towerz. EMF's, GMO food, Fluoride in our drinking water...The Vril Technology that iz being used to manipulate and control us iz most effective because it iz the technology that we use everyday and also the technology that most of us cannot live without...Who are the Vril??? The Vril are an advanced group of Nazi scientist that believe in a powerful psychic force named VRIL...This force is responsible for the advanced technology that these scientist were able to produce. It iz said that the VRIL force also guided Hitler in his campaigns. What are EMF's???  EMF's(electromagnetic fields) are emitted by electrical appliances that we use in our homes. Sleeping on a bed with coiled spring mattresses iz detrimental to our health because the coiled springz act as a conductor of EMF radiation. After awakening from sleeping on these mattresses many people feel very tired and irritable because EMF's drain our VITAL LIFE FORCE and the designers of these types of beds KNOW THIS. All of this iz being done intentionally. The metal in women's bras and metal framed glasses will cause the same radiating effect when in contact with EM fieldz. The use of chemtrailz in our atmosphere and flouride in our public drinking water supply has been used over the past 20 years to achieve CHEMICAL & POLY-PHARMACEUTICAL SATURATION by EXPOSURE or CONTAMINATION. Our food stock is spiked with narcotics, our drinking water iz contaminated with fluoride, and our air iz polluted with these HEAVY METALS AND BACTERIUM. Wireless communication devices emit PULSED MICROWAVE RADIATION(TETRA RADIATION). The symptoms of this radiation is nausea, tingling, headaches and sleep disturbances. The frequencies emitted from the ELF(Extreme Low Frequency)Towerz are very effective for the mind control agenda. This technology works by electronically sending signals into the IONOSPHERE(An electrically charged area located about thirty miles above the earth's surface)and then getting it(The Ionosphere) to send the signal back to the surface of the earth. These signals with encoded messages or programz are transmitted directly into 70 to 80% of the world's population's brainz. This process iz not SEEN or FELT by its victims. It iz done in STEALTH...Symptoms of Microwave Mind Control are...

-Unnoticeable Brainwashing

-Mental Numbness


-A Faint High Pitched Ring In Earz

-Unusual Neck tension and Headaches

-Thoughtz That Do Not Match Your Feelings

-These frequencies can also interfere with the functioning of other technologies.

Heavily bombarded individuals can experience:

-Unusual Stress

-Mental Confusion


-Unusual or Repetitive Thoughtz and Mood Swingz(Anger and Depression)

-Periodz of Diminished Hearing or Eye Sight

-Sharp Pains Shooting Through the Head and Dehydration

-It is reported that these waves can also alter human DNA

There are wayz of protecting yourself and family from the effectz of this covert attack on our mindz and bodies:

*Get in tune with NATURE/GOD. If you live an urban lifestyle, find a wooded  area outside of your city that you can escape to and meditate away from the noisy distractionz of the city. Spend  time near water(a  creek, river or lake)*Very Important*

*Study Orgone Energy and learn how to make Orgone Devices to place around your house and Orgone Jewelry.*Very Important*

*Eat as much organic food as possible.(Fruitz and Vegetables)

*Drink Alkaline Water *Very Important*.

*Wear copper jewelry to block EMF's.

*Limit usage of your cellphone and computer(Choose one or two dayz  of  the  week that you will not use your cell phone or computer). 

*Monitor your thoughtz and ignore negative thoughtz.

-LOVE and RESPECT yourself, nature and humanity.*Very Important*

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