Catalina is a song dedicated to my mother Avis Donita. With use of word play the title "Catalina" is symbolic of the strong minded and motivational females who do more than the average to achieve their own goals and in some cases be a vital element to the growth and stability of their partners.

6676182077?profile=RESIZE_710xBorn and raised in the musical town of Athens Georgia, Xyquavis Clay also known as SOLO 10K has always had a fascination for poetry and music. The passion to be around it day in and day out was the vice that kept him going. His muse, his release, escape, and emotional vent was and always has been music. Following under the wings of Atlanta Pioneers such as DJ MERCI, DJ BLUE and artist YOUNG DRO as well as Hometown Heroes Like Lo Down and Duddy, Ishues, Big Earl and more shadowing and being mentored by as well to following in the lanes of their creativity and work ethic. Dedicated to learning and nurturing the seeds of his own realm to strive as an artist and succeed in making his passion reach across the world creating an everlasting imprint on those he touches. SOLO 10K continues to embark on his journey to enlighten and empower the hearts lives and minds of the world.


Twitter - @Hitzmaker

Instagram - @westsidesativa

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