Stay tuned on SoundCloud for “DTF” by Golden B

Hip hop music is a popular genre which is loved by many youth now because of the nice element and the extraordinary feature it has. If you are hip hop fan you should know that hip hop consists of some stylized elements. Those things give extra layer to such music. In this sphere comes the hypnotic rapper named Golden B. His music making has taken him to different level and you will fall in love with his magnetic beat. His music has electrifying gesture that any youth will like. He tried to establish his life story in his music and most part of the song determines his sadness and uncertainty with life. 

Golden B is all the way from Calgary, Canada and he is flying high with his nice rapping yet in a different way. You will become his immediate fan once you listen to him. The adventurous spirit and the thoughtfulness will keep you captivated. The assembling of different instruments will keep you enchanted. His awesome kind of hook and the stunning rapping is really beautiful. If you want to take a ride to heaven with his music you must visit SoundCloud. The exotic feel “DTF” has will give you goosebump. He also excels in his lyricism giving you extra power and energy. If you want to get this star you must tune into SoundCloud. 

His song has a traditional approach which you will like to listen. The great swag he has given in his music will enlighten your soul. The song encompasses wide range of styles and that is totally unique from any other hip hop music. The inventive and playful approach in his music will make you wonder how an artist can make such a beautiful music. The sensational and challenging music will make you happy. The awesome rapper has the quality to make you feel wow.

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