SUBMERSIVE’s “Beneath the Surface 018” will soothe your soul

You must have heard the name of the versatile trance music artist SUBMERSIVE. Haven’t you? Then you should check out his Soundcloud gallery and listen to the breathtaking music. The 26 year old SUBMERSIVE is a promising music producer of Los Angeles, who is currently setting fire on the musical arena with his mesmerizing songs. He has launched a new sensation “Beneath the Surface018” on Soundcloud. This young star loves to explore different musical genres and tries to experiment. Someone can easily find this fact out by checking his musical creations. His music not only compels you to dance but also eases your nerves. His goal is to give people transcendent experience in a musical environment. 

Beneath the Surface018” will be known as one of his best melodious tracks. It’s a successful experiment where SUBMERSIVE tried to mix Arabian or mid eastern music with western beats. Arabian musical instruments with ‘strings’ are used in the very first portion of this track. He has also used high beats and instrumental metallic tune to grab the attention of his fans. SUBMERSIVE picked up a pair of drum sticks and became a DJ at the age of thirteen. After some years, he moved to Los Angeles and pursued his dream. SUBMERSIVE started to offer some fresh and fantastic music to his fans from the very beginning of his career. Though he loves to play with different music, he never breaks his rhythm-oriented style.

SUBMERSIVE’s multilayered music in“Beneath the Surface018” has the magnificent magic which slowly hypnotizes fan’s mind. All of his trance music has a common characteristic which is the mid song climax. At the middle of the song the music suddenly changes its path and surprises listeners. SUBMERSIVE often uses synthesizers, keyboards and percussions and jiggling drum beats to make his fan dance. Fans can now follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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