The Band of the Hawk & Silk E. Slim - "Hunters Glen Stories" (Full Album)

Back in 2004, when the Houston rap scene was on the cusp of notoriety, there was a group known as The Blunt Allstars from the hood of “Mo City”. A friendship forged through music, producer Noah Archangel and rapper Silk E. Slim met through a family member and got to slapping speakers. Noah, fresh out of college and Slim, fresh out of prison, made for a fresh mix of eclectic sounds and gritty lyrics. On a summer weekend, they recorded 8 songs as a group with plans to record more to make a full record. That same weekend, Noah got a call from their mutual friend that Slim had hung himself in his home and thus The Blunt All-Stars project was over.

Fast forward 15 years….. Noah is now a lead producer and label owner of The Band of the Hawk. Having a resurgence in the industry and reaching a point of success rewarded with the proverbial big house. He found the original masters when packing the studio. He then remixed, remastered and released the full project for the world. The Band of the Hawk & Silk E. Slim present… Hunters Glen Stories.

Hunters Glen Stories is 9 tracks of the early 2000’s Hip Hop sound, fueled by menacing lyrics with an undeniable Houston flow. Reminiscent of the DJ Screw “gray tapes” or Screwed Up Click freestyle sessions only found in the Southside streets of Houston. These verses from Slim were a mix of freestyles and songs he wrote while locked up in the Texas Department of Corrections. So light a cigar and pour out a little liquor for Slim and enjoy Hunters Glen Stories #HGS



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