"FASHION FLUNKY" Is Bring New Music To Her Fans!

Ikedia Douglas, Born June 22, 1991. Better known as Fashion Flunky was born and raised in the St.Thomas projects in New Orleans, LA. Nobody want to paint the narrative that they came from a great home, But I take pride saying I come from a strong minded, go getter, tight knit family. My mother made sure I grew up respectfully and made sure I didn’t have to “Get it out the mud”. Music wasn’t important to me in my younger years. I played basketball and wanted to go pro. After hurricane katrina hit, I moved to Atlanta ga and fell in love with the music, the culture and fashion. The music scene in both states are different but the culture made me feel like I was home. I tried to write music but i sucked honestly. I couldn’t right a hook to save my life. So I let it be. When lil baby came out that was the moment I became really serious about being an artist. To know music wasn’t his first choice, but with dedication anything is possible. After that I started really rapping, I tried out for a lgbtq+ reality show and made the cut and that boosted my confidence. Being trans (Female to Male) ofcourse I come across the most challenges to get through the doors to the music world. Being a trans rapper I had to give something a little extra. I got so many No’s before somebody saw something in me. Besides my music I had to learn to make a statement no matter where I’m at because of who I am. I allowed my fashion to lead me in the building and my entertainment took me straight to the top. That’s how I became Fashion Flunky! For new music and updates be such to follow Fashion Flunky on social media and streaming services. "DAT BEAT" a new single by the rising artist is set to be release soon, stay tune!!!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ZGBH3VvmsiftHOi49smds

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fashionflunky10

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fashionflunky10/

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