The HOOD IDOL TOUR is coming to a city near you!

The “Hood Idol Tour” was founded in December 2009 by Radio/TV Personality Lex Luga.  This movement was designed as a platform to help artist gain performance experience, receive constructive feedback from music industry personnel, open doors to other opportunities and connections, expand or build their fan base in different areas, and gain valuable industry exposure.  Not only does the tour help artist but it also helps those looking for talent as well.  Record Labels, Promoters, DJ’s, bloggers, magazine, and others use this event with the intentions of finding unheard talent.  The “Hood Idol Tour” is a brand that is becoming more and more popular for the artist as well as for industry professionals who are looking for talent. The “Hood Idol Tour” also has a magazine, mixtape series, clothing apparel, and an Award branded in its name.  As the name grew the Hood Idol Tour has Traveled to many states and has been noticed in major well known cities such as Jackson, MS; Gulfport, MS;  Memphis, TN; Little Rock, AR; Dallas, TX; Mobile, AL; Atlanta, GA just to name a few. 

Previous winners have received not only valuable information and exposure, but prizes consisting of fm radio interviews, TV interviews, social media promo, mixtape placement, video placement, and also being featured on the award winning ECMD Industry Conference Call in addition to other prizes.  The latest artist to sign a deal shortly after performing on the Hood Idol Tour is Ant G., an artist that is now signed to Boosie’s Bad Azz Syndicate record label. While constantly thriving “The Hood Idol Tour” has won several awards including the 2018 Hottest Movement OTY award at the annual North Mississippi Hip Hop Awards.  The Hood Idol Tour was also nominated for showcase of the year at the Memphis Hip Hop awards and the Atlanta Hip Hop awards.  As the tour continues, it’s making an everlasting mark in the lives of all individuals that participates or attends by giving each individual the freedom to express themselves while networking with others.  The Hood Idol Tour can be considered a new age way of artist development. 

For more info 601.526.8256 or visit or email:

Follow on all social media @hoodidoltour.

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