The starchatarian can not stand hot temperatures. They must be constantly in a cold climate or they will literally lose their "cool."  They are vibrating at a low frequency and are Vampires addicted to high starch content foods along with animal blood flesh.  They prefer to come out only at nighttime as this is when their performance is optimal.  Being a day walker is not something they injoy and can only function minimally.

     The word starch is derived from the Middle English sterchen to stiffen. In Old English means to "make rigid, fixed, hard, resolute," completely, appropriate since it is used as a thickening agent when dissolved in water.  A binding agent used to hybridize two plants like a carrot half jam half queen Anes lace. Starch is GLUE.

     Starch is not original and does not exist in nature.

     Nowadays, all Viridiplantae contain starch due to cross pollination and hybrids.  It is used to bind two things of unequal frequencies. 

     Starch is almost impossible to totally get away from but certain root vegetables like wheat, corn, white and brown rice, cassava, potatoes and carrots which are mainly starch should be avoided. High concentrations can be found in roots, bulbs, seeds and tubers of plants.  Moreover, "supplementing" with fasting days and with herbs like burdock, dandelion and sarsaparilla are beneficial.

     Starch contains multiple molecules of glucose bonded together in a condensation reaction. This means that water is loss when the glucose is bonded together.  In order for your body to utilize the chemical energy stored in starch it has to break it back down to the glucose molecules by using enzymes.  Starch is broken down to maltose using amylase and maltose is broken down to glucose using maltase. Both processes, however, are hydration reactions. This means that water is used in the process of breaking down starch.  

     Anything that causes you to be dehydrated, ultimately, is not good for you.  Starch consumption is extremely dangerous as consuming large amounts of it lead to rapid dehydration of your body. This causes your cells to crenate and die due to the decrease in its water potential.

     High water content foods should make up the majority of your diet and most definitely avoid starchy cooked dead food. You are alive, therefore, you thrive by putting ALIVE things in your body you want to survive off energy such as sun, air, water and RAW foods which are LIVING!   

The goal is to balance your temple back to the point where you can exist of mainly Prana. 

Thankh you Nattiano Hotep for the information helping to write this.

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Comment by K-Blao on June 11, 2014 at 12:11pm
How did I not see this?!
Comment by jannie on November 7, 2013 at 12:19am
Amazing work I absolutely appreciate how you took your time putting this nlog together. There is so much about startches and the effects they have on us, also never new there was such a thing as starchatarian great work. 13 love
Comment by Mic nerks on June 8, 2013 at 11:10pm

thankh u very much really appreciate that and I shall continue ! lol....I wanted to really learn about starch so my intent was driven to stay focused and compile this

Comment by Auset Mchristion-Thomas on June 8, 2013 at 10:48am
Wow...excellent research! Keep them coming!

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