They say the good die young...and that is common nowadays.  So it was no surprise that Trey released his album only a few days before rapper Lil Jojo was brutally gunned down in Chicago, last August.  And with the Chicago teachers on strike, it seems like the road to a bright future will be a long journey.  Will this journey bring more funerals for our young, or will our hope for a brighter future come to life?

1. What separates you from other Chicago artists?

First, I'm not from Chicago. I'm from Milwaukee. But I have haven't had the experiences your average rapper from da hood has had. I've traveled and lived difference places and each place you live rubs off on you a lil. I was in the USMC for 5 years and we around ALL TYPES of different people let alone the military culture and politics. I don't offer what your average rapper has to offer. I offer music dat's intellectual, spiritual but at the same to HOOD shit cuz dat's where I'm from. And don't let me get into all the other hats I wear beside rapping. That mos def me too.

2. What is the message you learned from the Lil JoJo murder?

Don't know much about dude and prolly still wouldn't if he didn't die. It's sad to say but sometimes "The Good Die Young" (Download @

3. Who are some Chicago artists that you would like to work with?

Chicago artists? Well, I'm ABOUT to work with is Co-Still. Dude been doing it big in da Chi since before I was there and got Da City pretty locked down. I mixed a couple of tracks he was featured on and I was fuxing wit it. So I'm looking forward to dat. Also, Napalm Da Don. I was bumping his CD for the whole summer in 2010 not even knowing it was him. Shit was cold doe.
4. Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook. I don't even know what to do on Twitter.

5. What is the list of items that you need to record a song?

$25 an hour.

6. Who are the best rappers out right now?

That nigga Trey Day the hottest, but Kendrick Lamar is cold to me too. I really think he makin real Hip-Hop koo again and I'm down for dat. Everybody else in the mainstream is just doing the same shit everybody else is doing. It's redundant.

7. What was the last CD that you purchased?

A CD from a rapper that was selling his CD but I paid $1 for it because the presentation was fucked up. Just a blank CD with magic marker. He wanted $3. I really only bought it because I believe in karma so if I want somebody to buy my CD I have to give to get. The music was actually decent though. Think I'mma call him for a feature.

8. What do you think about the teacher strike?

I found out that Chicago teacher made $70,000 average and they were asking for a 13% annual raise I said hell naw. But then again, I think about how they gotta deal with the bad ass kids and if I was them I would wanted a raise too. Put yaself in another man's shoes. It's called empathy.

9. Do you think the world is going to end soon?

Only the Father knows when the world end and I don't think it would make it that obvious. This ma-fucka will blow up, but i don't think right now. But I DO believe something BIG is going to happen this year. If you look what's happening in the world the stars is REALLY aligning. All I can say is, "Before the world blow up, I'm tryna blow up, so I can say I did my thang and be like so what, let dis ma-fucka burn... (Blow Up - The Good Die Young)

10. What is one thing your fans probably don't know about you?

My lil fan base MAYBE didn't know I was a Libra, but that probably comes out in my lyrics somewhere. Everything must balanced though!




Trey Day ft C-Smith - Sunny Dayz (Official Video)


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