Trapping on a mogul corporate level .

We sat down with Founder and CEO Mr. Willie Freeman to discuss his growing business. We talked about his streaming company and the future of his brand plus misconceptions of having a new like Thug Gentlemen.

Tell us who is Thug Gentlemen Ent ?
1)Thug gentlemen llc represents the attitude and mind set of a particular group of individuals who have overcame circumstances where negativity and unfair prejudice was attached to them.

Goals with your company?

One of the many goals of the thug gentlemen movement is to empower those who desire to correct past bad decisions by removing and changing the condescending narratives about who we are today

Why did you decide to create a tv station ?

TGTV was created in order to control and represent the images and outlooks of those growing up in undesirable situations which create and contribute to the mental health lively hood of the underprivileged .

Tell us a little more about yourself the owner of Thug Gentlemen Ent?

Well I myself grew up in loving home with my grandparents but still couldn’t escape from the environment from which we lived my grandfather a. preacher died before I became of age and with no father present I became involved with certain activities which lead me down a troubled path.

My grandma did her best to raise and given the circumstances she did a great job threw them I developed o connection to something much greater than myself being my God and that’s something that I never lost focus as grew up threw that relationship I found not only forgiveness but purpose for my life..
I came to understand that both good and bad can reside in the same temple but ultimately we still have the power to choose what we dedicated our lives too I chose to dedicate my life to the uplift and better those like me as my contribution to the world .
What region of the country is your company based out of ?
For clout purposes I’m from Atlanta ga. But to be specific I was raised on the east side in Decatur… so it’s safe to say I’m from the dirty south.
Tell us more about your music background and the future of your company when it comes to music business?
Well when it comes to music that was and has always been a passion of mine the way a person can allow you into his world thru beats a lyrics. Im a fan of music so although the old and new school styles of rap differ the message is still the same..”it’s hard out here but we gone make it” with the movement of Thug Gentlemen thru entertainment we hope just to provide a more positive experience about the people we really are as opposed to the character we may display in order to gain or maintain a fan base we are real people with people who we love and that love us we have to close the gap between reality and entertainment.

Let’s talk about your foundation and your purpose for it?
My foundation F.A.A.A.M forty acres and a mule resource foundation is just that a family space where people who are suffering and dealing with mental health issues stemming from environments in which they come from can seek assistance in all areas from counseling to financial in order to help give them the opportunity to become positive individuals both in there neighborhoods communities and the world.

The future of Thug Gentlemen Ent?
8. Funny you ask that because T.G.I.F =Thug Gentlemen is the Future/ True Hustler Under God… once us who have been guided become what we where created to be which is something greater than what we are perceived to be then we will be able to bring about real change in the places that seem to be the most problematic to our society and once that change begins to occur the world will recognize and have
no Choice but to follow our footsteps because with that same tenacity and aggression that we so have ruined things we shall also rebuild them.

Thank you for taking the time to sat down with us. For our N Print magazine readers please follow his company and download his channel on ROKU and others coming soon .

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Facebook: Thug Gentlemen llc

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