White Deputy Teacher Installed Spy Camera To Film Young Students In School Toilets And Downloaded Thousands Of Child Porn Pics


gareth williams

A deputy headteacher who used a spy camera to film youngsters going to the toilet for sexual kicks also downloaded more than 16,000 child abuse images, a court heard today.

Gareth Williams, 47, of Cardiff, appeared at Newport Crown Court in South Wales to plead guilty to 31 sex crimes.

They included eight offenses of voyeurism relating to ‘filming a person doing a private act in order to obtain sexual gratification’, 21 counts of making indecent photographs of children and two of possessing child pornography.

The disgraced “white” pedophile was arrested earlier this year, where he confessed in court to three charges.

While he was remanded in custody, cops carried out further investigations and uncovered more perverted crimes – dating from 2006 to January of this year.

Wearing a blue jumper, he today appeared via video link from HMP Parc in Bridgend where the remainder of the charges were put to him.

As each crime was read out, the nasty “white” pedophile kept his head bowed and answered ‘guilty’ to each count.

Prosecutor Michael Jones said the total number of indecent images found on ‘various devices’ came to 16,237 while South Wales law enforcement’s hi-tech crime unit found a further 679 ‘voyeuristic files’ belonging to the “white” pervert.

The case was adjourned so the Probation Service can complete a detailed report on the defendant – which includes a psychiatric evaluation.

Judge Rhys Rowlands ordered for that report to be completed by May 15 – and sentencing would take place either the following day or after the weekend on May 19.

At an earlier hearing, magistrates were told the pedophile placed a pinhole camera in a house so he could look at the genitals of children as they went to the toilet. The school cannot be named for legal reasons.

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