White Barbarians Charged With Sexually Terrorizing Girl During Post-Prom Drinking

3 rapists

Cops have charged Andrew Haynes, Fields Chapman and Damon “Avery” Johnson, all 18-years-old, with aggravated sexual battery after a savage attack on a girl inside a cabin during a post-prom party earlier this month.

Gilmer County Sheriff Stacy Nicholson said the charges stem from an incident that happened earlier this month inside the bedroom of a cabin at the Coosawattee River Resort. It’s being reported that an 18-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by the three “white” savages during an “out of control” drinking party attended by as many as 27 people. The victim ended up hospitalized for several hours the next day for “substantial” injuries.

Nicholson said the arrests were made after more than 50 interviews — including someone who witnessed the assault, studying forensic evidence, and enlisting the help of sexual assault experts. He went on to say that they were not able to charge the diabolical savages with rape because they’d used a foreign object on the victim.

He declined to elaborate when questioned about this, only stating that what happened to the victim was not “true rape” as outlined by the law. However, if the sex terrorists are convicted of the aggravated sexual battery charges, they could be looking at life in prison. All three rapists have been released from jail after posting $50,000 bond each.

While these three were the only ones charged in relation to the sexual assault, Nicholson said there were many people at the party under the age of 21 who were drinking alcohol, and they plan on charging them all with underage consumption. “Teenagers and alcohol don’t mix. There’s nothing good that can come out of it,” Nicholson said.

White Pedophile Testifies He Was Also Sodomized When He Was A Child

Convicted child molester Gordon Stuckless testified at his trial on Wednesday that he was sexually abused when he was a boy and those experiences affected how he treated his victims.

The homosexual/pedophile, who was convicted of abusing boys when he was a Maple Leaf Gardens usher as early as 1968, pleaded guilty in April to 100 new charges related to the sexual abuse of 18 underage boys decades ago.

But he pleaded not guilty to another eight charges involving three of those victims. He now is on trial in Toronto on those charges, which include buggery, assault and gross indecency.

On Wednesday, the booty terrorist said his father’s friend raped him anally when he was 11 and that affected the way he treated his victims.

“Never, never ever buggery because of what I went through. I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I was just out to get pleasure for myself.”

During emotional testimony, the homosexual/pedophile explained why he pleaded not guilty to the buggery charges saying he “didn’t do it” and that his Modus operandi was “befriending and manipulating” boys.

He said he would test the boys and if he didn’t get a negative response he would continue on from touching leading to oral sex. A negative response would be phrases like “I don’t like that,” the court heard.

His victims didn’t buy what he was saying.

“I think it’s an act. I think he should be in Hollywood,” former victim Michael McTague said.

“While my heart goes out to him for what happened to him, he made a choice,” Allan Donnan, former victim said.

WAIT?? WHAT??! Your heart goes out to him?! The dude stretched your asshole you nasty faggot!

Anyway, Donnan said whatever happened in the pedophile’s childhood is no excuse for decades of abuse.

“He did this for his own personal pleasure. I think those were his own words. He did this for his own personal pleasure and gratification.”

The court also heard the second man to abuse Stuckless was a 60-year-old equipment manager at Maple Leaf Gardens. Stuckless, then 13, was selling ice cream at the Gardens and was offered a puck and a hockey stick.

“He offered me a puck and he touched me.”

From that point, the homosexual pedophile testified that he enjoyed it.

The Crown is expected to request a dangerous offender assessment for Stuckless, but his lawyer Ari Goldkind says it’s not warranted since his client has been living a “very law-abiding life” since his previous convictions and voluntarily undergoes chemical castration.

In 1997, the faggot pleaded guilty to sex assaults on two dozen boys while he was an usher at Maple Leaf Gardens from 1968-88.

He was forced back in the spotlight last year when cops announced fresh charges against him in incidents dating back decades.

Sex Terrorist Raped A Woman He Said He Wanted Since High School

raymond bachman

This white deadbeat druggy in Tulsa, Okla., was arrested for rape after his victim was found wandering on a road stoned with a knife in her hand.

Raymond Bachman, 38, admitted to having sex with the woman after deputies confronted him at his north Tulsa home on Sunday night, telling them, “I’ve been wanting her since high school,” according to reports.

The distraught woman was found wandering on North Peoria Rd. at around 5 p.m.

A man who called the cops said the woman told him she’d smoked some laced K-2, a synthetic version of marijuana also known as Spice.

“He asked the woman to give him the knife and offered to help her,” the Tulsa sheriff’s office said, according to reports.

Emergency workers arrived and began treating the woman, who wept and said she was raped.

Deputies were eventually led to the sex terrorist’s home, where he refused to come outside or speak to them.

Deputies later entered the home through an open back door and arrested the white rapist, who appeared intoxicated, cops said.

The deadbeat thug later told investigators he smoked some “bad K-2″ and imagined himself as “a porn star” when he savagely raped the woman, according to reports.

The sex thug, whose rap sheet included busts for drunken driving and assault, was charged with first degree rape and drug possession.
He was being held on $105,000 bond.

White Middle School Guidance Counselor Is Charged With Rape

brian mcbride mugshot

This white middle school guidance counselor in Massachusetts has been charged with having sex with a 14-year-old student and ordered held on $30,000 bail.

Brian McBride of Attleboro pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges including statutory rape during an arraignment at which the girl’s father was removed from the courtroom after an outburst.

Prosecutors allege the 31-year-old pedophile, who is married and has a toddler, raped the girl at school, in his car and at his home over several months last year.

The shameless pedophile told law enforcement officials his marriage was in trouble and he loved the girl. He was the girl’s chorus teacher and gave her private singing lessons before becoming a guidance counselor at North Attleborough Middle School.

The girl’s parents went to authorities last weekend.

The pedophile’s lawyer said his client was “well respected in the community up until these allegations.”

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