Who is Stunna Quad? Find out all about the fresh new talent making noise in the industry!

At a time when the creativity and ingenuity are lacking, Pittsburgh, PA rapper Stunna Quad is redefining something else: authenticity. There’s always something refreshing about an artist who feels comfortable in his own skin. He’s also a master at evoking the full range of human emotion such as rage, humor, angst and joy. He has mastered the music industry formula for mainstream success. Stunna Quad is a Midwest Maverick. He’s the true definition of a Boss and a leader. Rap superstar Soulja Boy co-signed Stunna Quad’s talent by signing Stunna to his Stacks on Deck Money Gang label (SODMG). Moreover, the Rap Renegade went on to sit at the helm of Goon Nation Entertainment. According to Stunna the word G.O.O.N.$ is an acronym which stands for (G)etting (O)ver (O)bstacles (N)ever (S)leeping. He defines his art as “Flava Music.” Stunna Quad delivers a cinematic sound that paints a vivid picture. With an army-like following, Stunna Quad is impossible to avoid in Pittsburgh. His non-conformist image and mysterious persona makes him stand out from the crowd. Out working your opponents is the first sign of greatness. And Stunna has a work ethic that is out of this world. He has built a loyal following in his home town of Pittsburgh as well as in Atlanta and other regions in the Midwest. His current album is called “Drug Lord Dreams Rapper NightMares." The album is a hit it has an major impact with commercial DJ’s across the nation. The album contains great production, an infectious hook and stunning lyrics from Stunna Quad. “Drug Lord Dreams Rapper NightMares” establishes his reputation as a street wise, sincere artist who has the ability to captivate on a national scale. Moreover, he is in the studio working on his 1st mainstream album entitled “4.” Stunna Quad was influenced by such superstars as Lil Wayne, French Montana, 2pac, R.Kelly,Mary J. Blige, and LL Cool J. Stunna has made sacrifices for his dreams without bargaining his soul. He has developed his talent amidst many obstacles. He grew up amongst drugs, gangs and crime. Cut from a different cloth, Stunna Quad made waves as a show promoter and performer. He has booked shows and opened up for such Rap stars as Nicki Minaj, Waka Flocka Flame, Young Joc, and many more. He has quite a promising future ahead of him. Stand up and join the movement.

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Twitter: @GoonStunnaQuad

Facebook at www.Facebook.com/stunnaquad

BOOKING/INFO: Los (757) 447-4818


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