“XonParis” (Rap Group) prepares for record deal & Corey Terrell fights health care case by being gen z’s advocate with help of Lex Law Fellowship

Author: Emmanuel Ezekiel

New album “Toy’s Got Bigger”, by Dj French Bread set to release February 10th. Album and Issue 4 of Music & Medicine Marketing Consultation “Print Marketing” Magazine all coming out in this Quarter 1 of the Fiscal year. The Summit High School graduate looks to pursue coaching real estate examination and much more. In the mist of summits 10 year high school reunion Corey Terrell’s examination date is set and scheduled for February 14th 2024, Valentine’s Day!

Corey Terrell who does business as “Dj French Bread”, has been advocating as a peer in his music & fellowship to fix the health care system, education system, & sports world as the founder of his trust fund. Athletes have been looking for new ways of employment and the military has been keeping us safe with President Joe Biden representing. Our economy is mobilizing in ways we couldn’t imagine and this is the reason for Corey Terrell’s magazine issues. We need more economic mobility compensation plans and voter recognition!

Check out download and listen in February 10th! Spotify has been booming for Dj French Bread and his Limited Liability Company, rap group “Xonparis”. All advertisements are up and available for viewers on music & medicine’s webpage.

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