Zach G of Fort Worth, TX, Set to Release New 7-Track EP, "Y.F.N.R." on Friday, March 26

Zach G's new project Y.F.N.R. set to release on all major music distribution outlets on Friday, March 26, stands for "Your Friendly Neighborhood Rapper." It is full of chill vibe-out tracks and hard-hitting bar-heavy tracks. The meaning that created this project was becoming a better version of yourself and leveling up to become your own personal hero.

Zach G is an artist from Fort Worth, Texas and found his love for hip hop cruising in the car with his dad on the way to kickboxing tournaments listening to the likes of Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eminem, 2pac and more. He also spent several car rides with his mother listening to Beastie Boys and going to the record store to get a cassette tape of a Big Tymers album. Zach has been making music for about two years and is more driven and focused on his success than ever.

Stream Zach G. Y.F.N.R. on SoundCloud:

Stay Tuned for the Official Release of Zach G's Y.F.N.R. on Friday, March 26!

Zach G

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