“Ride or Die”: A Song That Soulfully Shares the Journey of Life

This is the age of empowerment and boldness and pop culture definitely represents that. In the music industry too, we see the change for the songs that are powerful and inspire the audience.
BEEA is an absolute artist when it comes to songs that are packed with power. Her recent song “Ride or Die” shares a profound connection with her own life. Since the song is so real, it immediately draws the listener in very intimately. This timeless song has a subtle influence of BEEA’s favorite artists, Toni Braxton, Leona Lewis, and Joss Stone. This lends a classic vibe to the song that allows it to fit right in between the contemporary and a bit older styles.
“Ride or Die” is a song about life and love. Despite falling under a typical genre, it brings forth emotions that are raw and real. There is nothing that is held back and BEEA allows the audience to feel with the song.
The song begins with sweet guitar strains, which soon turn into slightly sharp chords that introduce the vocals. The notes drop in the beginning but build up as the melody progresses, in a heartfelt and poignant way, creating a vortex of sparkling beats. The softer melody rises and soon the song becomes filled with energy. BEEA’s vocals lend the power that lifts the song to great heights. It spins into a beautiful sound engineering and pulls at every listener’s heartstrings.
“Ride or Die” has tenderness but it also exudes boldness. The song pushes forward as the notes give off a vibe that connects the souls. The song is so grounded in reality that it is almost impossible to remain unmoved by the lyrics and the background score that delivers the song. The lyrics give soul to the song and are not only relatable but extremely original, without any compromise.
BEEA shares her experiences through the song and keeps it simply real, which takes the song above the level of most others in the same genre. The song is a journey into the life's most personal crevices and it is a journey that each one of us makes. “Ride or Die” brings those hidden emotions to the surface in a beautiful way.
Visit BEEA’s official website to know about her. You can follow her on Instagram, Spotify and Facebook.
Website https://www.beeamusic.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beeamusic/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beeaofficial/

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/beeamusic

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNOe...

Contact: contact@beeamusic.com

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