Holocaust - Wake Up Show Freestyle (w/ lyrics)

Uploaded on Jul 1, 2011From a freestyle on a radio show, cut out the part of the rest of the black knights

We treacherous in California, I spit ammonia
The brutal offspring of Conan and Red Sonja
We run up on ya, week sessions holding pistols
With blow torches, Uzis, blunts and homing missiles
The sick man, gold digging women don't make my dick stand
You versus me, that's like hopscotch on quicksand

The cross breed, mixed with black and concrete
Roam the streets of Long Beach in a Jeep with bronze heat
Wrong fleet to mess with, Jerry Rice couldn't catch this
You get ya chest split for talkin that F the west (shit)
The midnight sun , strike tongue, treacherous ____
Die if you test me, best of respect me
Hefty, one arm bandit, stab companions
With intricate synthesis, battle crews single handed
With cannons, that blow you from here, to other planets
From Los Angeles now the whole world needs bandages
You's a fake fraud , I rain and make smog
Mcs best "Leave Me Alone" like Nate Dogg
Or get they place robbed
Veins clogged and brains throbbed
The pain reappears in flashbacks for days long
We hotter than a million suns
Leave you hung
In a monastery and buried by old nuns
Spittin poisonous darts to ya stomach, niggaz runnin
Spillin gin on _____, we fuck while they ______
Fillin up another glass cup, we act up
Get a _____, lump reopen on pass cuts
Holocaust, blows like fluid, thought you knew it
Mental gas splits yo back so wide rivers can run through it

Juggling test tubes, drunken professor
Hit yo sector
Razor blade tongue, rips your lungs, disinfection
Mental sickness, ya third eye's blind, the lonely stranger
From a parallel dimension populated by shape changers
The last of my kind, designed for street crime
My spine is made up of snakes intertwined
And combined with the steel and gold of ancient times
Mankind will decline by thousands when I rhyme
Holocaust, my brain leaks sounds, smother ya town
Burst in array of lyrics that hold you down
Apocalypse, hold Mcs for hostages
Cock glocks, lick nine shots in they esophagus, neurologist
Stab Adam's apples with my scalpel
Enhanced intellect blows holes through (your asshole)

From an undiscovered planet, a sign of damage
The savage caveman in the name of asiatics
Black kids, lace up yo shoes tight, we move like
cheetahs in the high grasslands, watch my platoon strike
I spawned from a different ocean than human beings
Amphibious lyricist slither through fluid streams, ruin dreams
Sinister ministers making CREAM
Split them from their neck to their spleen to hear them scream
Assassin, kill an ER with 3 bars
Wandering the hospital halls with bloody claws
I live, this war of the worlds, who's back gives?
Not mine or my crew, cyborgs with black skin
Smack cops, 4 men walk with black glocks
Dissect ya brain, disinfect the whack thoughts
The highlander, cobra commander, slip through scanners
Lone wolf, who hunts the hunter with sledgehammers
I came from parts unknown, crushin bones
Multiply into a thousand clones if caught alone
Lyricist by day, mass murderer by night
_____ MCs about face and salute when I grab the mic
I've existed for centuries past and folklore
Hunted down dinosaurs and fought in the civil war
Drastic lunatic, lonely stranger you're in danger
The man of a million faces without a pager
You can't contact the dark side of the moon
Where I'm sippin warm gin and plottin the Earth's doom

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