The ANIMALITY IS HERE!!! First there was "The Fatality LP", which dropped in 2001. This was followed by the double CD "The Brutality LP", which was the most aggressive LP that I ever dropped. Some of you are still recovering from this CD. Many of you already know about the other mixtapes that I put out, such as "Brutality Season", "Human Heroin", "The Golden Swisher", "Maywood Sexy Ladies", "VideoBaybee", "Got Dat Dro", "The Heavy Bread Series", and "Rain, Sleet, or Snow". None of these mixtapes can prepare you for this. This CD was recorded over a 7 month period in several studios in Chicago. It features Young Church, Wyzdom, Courtney Carter, Styxx, Pops, and Heavy Bread. Production includes Al Money from Blaknoizent, Omenz from IBO Entertainment, and Sinima. The sound that I was going for was a 2010 Jimi Hendrix mixed with hip hop. I wanted to mix the sound of hip hop and rock, but still keep it hood. Some niggas be going overboard with the rock sound thing..ie Lenny Kravitz and Prince. You will hear lots of guitars and aggressive kicks and baselines. To balance this out, Young Church did a lot of harmonizing and crooning in between verses. I did not want this album to sound as aggressive as "The Brutality LP." But at the same time, I didn't want to sell out. After all, I have complete creative control, so why would I sacrifice my own values? But on that same note, it is important to show "growth and development", as my good friend Larry Hoover used to say. LISTEN TO THE ANIMALITY LP IN THE AUDIO SECTION!

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