The OUTRAGEOUS Worldstarr, The Source, XXL, and Datpiff Fees

"Why would you pay $200 worth of music and video production, and not pay for any advertising?"
The majority of rappers that I run into simply have a dream that one day, they are going to put out the perfect video and it's just going to go viral for no other reason than "It's dope".
While there are a few videos that break through for no reason other than a dope song and video, most of the videos that you are being bombarded with online have been paid advertising.
Websites like HOODX, WorldstarrHipHop, The Source, XXL, and Datpiff are sites that are already in the HIP-HOP demographic.
Advertising with WorldstarHipHop starts at $750 for ONE DAY...for the SMALL SPACE.
Advertising in the Source starts at $800..if you go through an "aggregator".
I just recently saw an "aggregator" who was charging $1200 for the small space in XXL here
Aggregators basically buy out space in a magazine, then "wholesale" space on the page for artists in different regions. Here is an article of a guy who breaks this down, thinking it was bogus.
Well NOW you can get YOUR video aired on national television with HOODX for $20.
Your commercial will reach over 1 million homes in New York alone.
This does not include our other major cities like Chicago, Nashville, Boston, Oakland, and Atlanta.
Our videos are syndicated on television for months after they air live, which means that your commercial has "a long tail" that continues to promote months after it has been released.
By spending a simple $20, you are "getting to the front of the line" in our national television distribution system.
This is beyond a steal.
I hope you are paying attention to what is going on with HOODX, because 2017 has already been a very productive year for us.
As we continue to move into the second quarter, I will be focusing on ways to monetize the site and developing better branding techniques for our major brands Real Rap Radio, Kitsap County Uncut, Grind Mode Cypher, ChiCity Cypher, and Freestyle Fanatic.
While we are still in the early stages of developing our television foundation, I welcome you to advertise with the HOODX brand and position yourself in a movement that is unstoppable and extremely persistent.
Airing your commercial with us not only helps you but it helps us as well.
You can read more information about advertising on HOODX Television here.



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