HoodX Backstage Episode 3 Tracklist:

Hosted by Just Due the Ahk

Produced by Maco Scott and K-Blao
1. Ben Real-Unorthodox/Jacob's Ladder
2. J Willz Colors Featuring Nigel Damani
3. Anthony Profits - James Bond
4. Lil Durk-Try Me
5. Split-Personality - So Many Bitches
6. Wood Wizzard-Training Day
7. Pyrobethename - Illuminati
8. Dan E P Ft. TrapBoi Manikin - Clones
9. Rita Rose - Paint It Black
10. Hate Our Moves - Tom Hutch x Cha$ten Tha Don x Johnny Solo
11. Emp De Niro - #BEENKILLNSHIT
12. ItzCookiez-LOML (Love Of My Life)

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