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The Mr. Everythang - Grand Piano

The Mr. Everythang offers out-of-the-box sound to a world desperate for originality

DESTIN, FL & LAS VEGAS, NV – Asar-Dyeh Yates is a firm believer that…


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LED or Light Emitting Diodes is defined as a technology designed to enhance the backlighting of LCD HDTV's. While LCD TV's feature Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL's), LED technology works by using numerous LED tubes set up all around on the edge or in the back reklam of the TV screen. This lets the display screen to provide lighter and deeper colors for pictures and due to this, the images appear as a lot…


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butik skyltar

The cost of the LED TV is still pretty cost prohibitive. A television will cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to a couple thousand. The price largely butik skyltar depends on the size of the TV, the features included, and the television brand. Pre-owned LED TVs are available at some retailers; while these are a less expensive option, the cost is still pretty…


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fasadskylt belysning

The oil crisis of the 1970's helped to spur development of more efficient lighting technologies. Fluorescent lamps quickly gained popularity in commercial sectors due to their good efficiency, but failed to garner much interest in the private sector because of their impractical design and unappealing light quality. Good for large scale illumination in commercial and industrial settings, the large size fasadskylt…


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MR16 LED replacement bulbs allow you to use your existing sockets and hardware while getting better light quality and using far fewer resources. LED lights are very well reputed for their energy efficient nature, and you will find that these bulbs can help to greatly reduce your stolpskyltar energy costs. LED lights are also well reputed for the fact that they give off very little heat. Not only does this…


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K-Izzy - Pick Up

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Excuse Me, It's King Ajibade

1. Where are we talking from today?

A. Northern California.

2. How is 2019 treating you so far?

A. So far so good, no complaints

3. What…


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J-O (@mrexit33) of 33 Tha Gang release his new mixtape "My Year" on @datpiff

Artist Name: J-O

Mixtape Title: My Year

Available on…


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Multimedia Music Producer Stereo Nu-55’s New Track ‘I Am Mic Jaguris’ has Amazing Rhythm

Stereo Nu-55 is a multimedia music producer who is all set to take the electronic music to the next level. He specialized in synth-pop genre that is fused with classic rock and pop that all together create an innovative sound that listeners have not heard before. The musical part…


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By the 1990's LEDs were appearing in general purpose flashlights and in low level lighting like night lights and desk lamps, with some manufacturers producing fasadskylt more powerful designs intended to replace general purpose lamps. These LEDs of the 1990's met with poor reception however as they were underpowered and produced light that was far too heavily skewed into the blue end of the…


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New Music- Lord Conrad Drops “Only You” Stream it here.

Spotify Link of song:

Youtube Link of song

Nigerian Dancers Interpretation of the song:…


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YoungB.Mr.901 (@YoungBMr901) drops "24 Factz" on all streaming sites worldwide

Artist Name: YoungBMr.901

Song Title: 24 Factz



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Yung Nusense (@yungnusense) dropped his new single for the new year "This Year" available now!

Artist Name: Yung Nusense

Song Title: This Year…


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Are consumers ready for LED?

Since it was first developed in 1927, LED technology neonskyltar has gone through many changes, most of these in the last 5 years. This is mainly due to worldwide legislation changes to stop the production of incandescent bulbs, and the fact that consumers were not bowled over by their CFL (compact fluorescent)…


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led skyltar

The testing standard provides us with a measurement scale categorised into Risk Groups (RG) depending on how hazardous the light source is. The higher the group, the more hazardous the photo biological effects will be. There are four RGs ranging from RG0 - RG3

So what about the growing popularity of LED lighting? LED lights are one of today's most energy efficient and quickly developing lighting technologies and …


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led skylt utomhus

On the whole however, when we consider that a typical incandescent bulb has a service life measuring anywhere from 500 to 2,000 hours, and an LED an average of 50,000 hours, it is pretty easy to see why many claim you may never change a light bulb again. When you consider led skylt utomhus that the lighting on your boat really sees limited use, perhaps a couple hundred hours per season for recreational craft, and…


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reklam skylt

LED lighting has the added benefit of being able to dim the lights easily. Some LED systems come with automatic timers that automatically brighten or dim your reklam skylt bulbs depending on what time of the day it is. In fact, LED lighting can mimic natural sunlight, making your saltwater aquarium appear to be even more like a slice of the ocean.

Add LED Lighting to Your Aquarium for the Best Show in the…


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Brice Lee - Can't Get Enough (Ft. Skrilla)

Brice Lee - Can't Get Enough (feat. Skrilla)



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New Album Release: AseCard & Yungztah - 'Childs Play'

Stream "Childs Play" 

AseCard & Yungztah

'Childs Play' Disc 1 …


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Rod Colione - Mo Money Mo Problems (Official Video)

Rod Colione is an emerging artist from Miami, Fl with full energy for music and a heavy passion for it. Started recording music at the end of 2016. Did a few features with some artists that raps in Creole which is better known as Rap Kreyol. In 2018 he released hit singles "Foreign", "No Problems", and “Mo Money, Mo Problems” highly… Continue

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