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How TF Ra808 just gone give us the best beats on the internet buy 1 get 1 free?? Right when you need to finish that album or EP or maybe its just time for some new sngles, this is the chance to get HIGH QUALITY hip-hop beats for the low and even get another free! Get on those ASAP before they gone! These ain't the cheap production that your'e used to.

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Jody Lo - Karate ( Lil Baby - Exotic )

Jody Lo - Karate

Freestyle over Lil Baby - Exotic Ft. Starlito.

Another instrumental murdered last night by Jody Lo. I think we should start looking out for a mixtape now because Jody Lo is on a streak with these remixes.

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Best hiphop promo

Get some of the best music marketing for independent hiphop on the internet with 'Real Ninja Music Group. RNMG is an independent label in North Carolina that also offers services for artists not on the roster. Hit up our website for mixtape uploads, Blogs to 42 hip-hop sites, facebook promo, spotify marketing & more!
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New HipHop website

New website for independent Hip-hop artist Jody Lo. Bookmark this website and stay updated with the latest music. You can hear his latest music as well as watch interviews and join the email list

Jody Lo New website

Bonus Content…


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Substance 2: Bars


For Spotify


Jody Lo brings us the long awaited Substance 2 today so I guess it's tme to see if this album can stand as strong as the singles did. The intro; Bars was an extremely impressive…


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Rap beef confirmed

After months of silence on this issue, Finally ; Jody Lo fires shots back at Starlito.

And I gotta say the song is actually pretty good. Apparently the beef is rooted in an issue with Lito's long tme friend and partner; DJ crisis. So is this the guy him and Don Trip was talking to on the new track fake news? You speculate on your own but these guys seem to be verbally assaulting each other on a regular basis smh but a response from Jody Lo? its right below.…


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Real hip hop is back


NC native Jody Lo gave us Sack Religion 2 almost a month ago.

Let's look back on it.

Sack Religion 2 was a great album overall. SR2 gathered a total of approximately 50k streams so far from all streaming services combined.

This is good for the return of real lyrical hip hop as well as the North Carolina hip hop scene. Other than J Cole who released KOD last week, Jody Lo… Continue

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Sack Religion 2 - Full album

Jody Lo - Sack Religion 2 album available right now. Just click the link and choose from Spotify, Apple music, Tidal, Google play & more! I really appreciate all support and if u like this album email whoisjodyg@gmail.com .... I'll respond


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28 more days

Only 28 more days until Sack Religion 2 is released on every platform.

The theme of this album is pretty much self explanatory, drop your man made religions and focus on your sack. Your sack being your source of income, the main idea of this album is you can save yourself depending on yourself and live in abundance a lot faster than you can versus praying to religious images and deities and waiting for them to do the work for you. The moral of the story is get off your ass and get in… Continue

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Sack Religion 2 intro

Sack Religion 2 scheduled for release on March 30th, But right now we're gonna let u preview the title themed intro, enjoy


Jody Lo - Sack Religion 2 intro

Watch the countdown


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Rap trapper

New sing from Jody Lo just because.
Rap trapper is a freestyle over Soulja Boy's Trap swag, now the question is; did Jody Lo really do it better??


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Bali Baby - Elastic (remix)

Bali Baby - Elastic (remix)


Bali Baby & Jody Lo, both natives of North Carolina give us a phenomenal remix to Bali Baby's trending single; Elastic. Jody Lo came in on the 2nd verse with all bars but more importantly, when u listen to this song you will see the chemistry is there. I'm hoping to see a whole collab mixtape from the 2 in the future but u might think differently

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This mixtape

If you haven't heard the new Jody Lo mixtape you're probably still sleeping on em. Seems like he worked hard on this one so with that being said I won't hold u any longer, enjoy the mixtape


From the cover songs to originals this mixtape is HARD. the best part is this mixtape is just promotional content for the album "Sack… Continue

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Jody Lo - Macaroni
New exclusive review; This song hasn't been released yet, it's on a private unlisted YouTube link so I'm giving you the first listen. Enjoy


The full album "Sack Religion 2" will be released March 30th but you can subscribe to the email list to get reminders and future updates


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Sack Religion 2 scheduled for release on March 30th, New single from the album


Jody Lo - Energy (Sack Religion 2)

Also, Sack religion available now


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Starlito diss

More beef ignites in hip hop today between Yo Gotti's artist - Starlito and independent NC artist Jody Lo.

Evidently this is about a verse on Starlito's hot chicken quoting Jody Lo and then dissing him. Jody Lo responds with "You should be proud too" a play of Starlito's "You should be proud" diss to Young Buck. Jody Lo claims the reason for this beef to be a business situation gone bad. You listen for yourself and be the judge. No super gangster lies just real shit…


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new mixtape released

Well after weeks of anticipation, the mixtape is finally released so I won't talk u to death just listen


This is just the mixtape before the album scheduled for March 30, 2018. Subscribe to the email list and catch the album when it drops


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new mixtape January 11

New mixtape before the album


Idk about you but I can't wait to hear this one, but we'll see just how good this is in a couple of days

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Roll in peace challenge

new mixtape by Jody Lo - drops on January 11


Will be available on all streaming platforms. Join the email list and stay updated


Mixtape coming soon

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Sack Religion 2

Jody Lo finally coming back around with another album;

Sack Religion 2 said to be scheduled for March 30th, until then we just got this single from the album so let's enjoy it


Jody Lo - Bag talk (Sack Religion 2)

Also, Sack religion available now…


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