Baltimore R&B Singer YannaMaria’s New Track ‘Always On Time’ is Mesmerizing

YannaMaria is one of the well-known artists in the music world. She is a 22 years old singer, dancer, piano player and songwriter. Her songs mainly belong to R&B and Hip-hop genre and even there is a clear blend of these genres. She is identified as the princess of Austin Music Group. Her track Always On Time belongs to R&B genre and it has all the necessary elements of this genre. The instrumental break adds an entirely new dynamic to the piece, changing the mood, seemingly lifting the pace and raising the intensity. A mellow beat and a seductively delicate vocal performance that offers a quickly memorable melody line, with the concept which is easy to relate to and recognize. You can watch her music video on Youtube and listen to her songs simply by tuning to Soundcloud.

The lyrics in Baltimore R&B Singer, YannaMaria’s track ‘Always On Time’ is captivating. The leading vocal delivers it by means of a smooth and soulful, meandering melody-line and meets the requirements of each moment even each string of notes in a natural manner. The melodic moment works well within the song, keeping the structure interesting and thus holds the listener's attention and interest tightly. The whole thing has been well produced and the hook hits with immense impact. The instrumental break adds an entirely new dynamic to the track. The whole thing in the track is expressed poignantly. Get more updates about his upcoming music by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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