Become A Divine Soul With The Spiritual Hip-Hop Tracks By The13thhhh

The divinity received from hip-hop can make you a spiritual soul. Gospel hip-hop is all about giving out a deity feeling with the mixing of sound effects and grooving hip-hop beats. The13thhhh has devoted his life to God and to music. And he has mixed them to make the world full of soulful creatures.

The entire Soundcloud profile of The13thhhh has a spiritual essence. Being a music lover, he is a hardcore follower of beats. So, the greatness of God has got a different meaning with his tracks. Be it ‘GOD, TAKE CONTROL’, ‘MYALL’, ‘THE KEY IS GOD’ or ‘CHRISTmas’ or any of his other creations are there to give you positive vibrations only. His songs efficiently make a genuine connection between your soul and the God.

How the touch of classic gospel sound can change the essence of hip-hop has been proved by The13thhhh. His Soundcloud profile is the living proof of that. The concept of his creations is to give you a celestial feeling. Divinity can make you an energized mind and soul. His tracks are made for that only. So, if you are willing to feel the goodness of God, then tune into The13thhhh’s profile and enjoy.

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