Beefy YB Latest Single ‘Lane Switch’ Rocks The Music Industry

The smooth flow of jargons, thumping beats, and impeccable timing are the major defining traits of Beefy YB’s latest single “Lane Switch Prod. By Yorittchie Thatshit [Official Audio]”. He is redefining the trap music genres by his tough and hard hitting trap music genre. This brand new music artist from Las Vegas, United States, is producing energetic funky music which will get you on the dance floor. The eclecticism of his melody, lyrics and rhythm is deeply engaging. His has combined his own style and creativity which makes him and his music very different than other music artists.

Beefy YB’s song “Lane Switch Prod. By Yorittchie Thatshit [Official Audio]” showcases all the necessary elements of trap music like heavy sub bass, snappy kicks, hi-hats and the expert use of 808s drum beats He expresses his feelings and emotions through this song. The amazing beats, rhythms and the ceaseless synths and the variation of notes will pull you in and transport you to another dimension. This song is very well structured and well produced along with sections and intense hooks.  This song offers a rare and intense music experience which gets you instantly addicted and makes you come back for more.

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