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Sasha Cream


Adult entertainment actress and model, Sasha Cream has unleashed a tell-all book on Amazon just in time for holiday reading.

Atlanta Ga 10/22/15 DATE—Adult entertainer, model, and entrepreneur Sasha Cream has had a career that seems almost unbelievable. Her new book, The Naked Truth, looks to set the record straight on her life as an adult entertainer, call-girl, and friend to the stars. Cream delves into the lurid details of Cee Lo Green's sexual fantasies, as well as, dishes the dirt on other stars like French Montana, Darius Miles, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow. Her book is a tell-all from the perspective of an outsider masquerading as an insider.

“This is my story, my truth,” says Sasha Cream. “It's not a call out book or a gossip column, although people reading for celebrity dish won't be disappointed. It's
about my perspective on love, respect, sex, and power. I got into everything— from modeling at a young age, to my getting into adult entertainment, and how I had to
create my own brand so that I could make money for myself, not others.”

The book provides an inside look at life inside the adult entertainment industry and how to not only survive but thrive within it. Cream develops her story beginning
with her life growing up in Toledo and how she ended up on the arm of some of the most famous hip hop stars in the game.

“I am not sugar-coating my life,” says Cream. “I'm telling it like it is. All the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sexy. People who read my book are going to get the total truth about what it's like to be in the business—everything from how you are treated, what type of money you can make, and how to market yourself and make a

Cream's book isn't your typical look at the industry because it is being told by someone who is currently still making a living within it. The book isn't a sad tale of
sex, drugs, and abuse. It's a high-spirited account of what it's like to make a living with sex and how to maintain a balance throughout the wild ride. From hotel rooms to expansive mansions, The Naked Truth, takes you everywhere you never thought you'd go and back again.

The Naked Truth can be purchased through

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