‘Dead Prez’ By Mike Nauti Sets the Bar High On Hip Hop and Rap Music

New and competent artist Mike Nauti releases a hit track named ‘Dead Prez’ which is rocking the world of the music lovers. He has been writing and creating music for quite a while. His passion and enthusiasm have enabled him to earn the position where he is now. The enchanting melody and beats get the music lovers all lost and dizzy. If you are craving new variations of hip hop and rap music genre, then this artist will not disappoint you.

The rapping is to the place and the lyricism is really constructive. His music is informative and wonderful with the addition of attractive musical instruments. The song will make you understand every aspect of reality and hip hop. The essence of beats and tune won’t let you sit. You will be in the mood to party while listening to his song. Mike Nauti has modified his music in the most stylish way and the rapping is natural. The sequence with different musical incorporation will nourish your nerve. If you want to get charmed by Mike Nauti’s Dead Prez you must go to SoundCloud.

The very first song in his gala is ‘Dead Prez’ represents the duality of our everyday existence. It is a delicate track with funky track with edgy hip hop and rap beats and a bass-driven backdrop which suits the mood and the ambience of the song perfectly. In terms of structure and style, the track ‘No Love (Freestyle)’ will not disappoint you. This track offer some real and intriguing elements right from the beginning. ‘Love 2 Let U Know (FREESTYLE) sets the bar on hip hop and rap pretty high and highlights the artist’s ability to sing and rap with ease. It is worth noting how the artist has bared his truest self in his music.

 For more of his releases, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMikeNauti/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeNauti

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MikeNauti2x/

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