Earth Zodiac Symbols

Taurus Zodiac Sign - (Apr 21 - May 21). The bull symbolizes the Taurus sign.  Taurus people can be warm hearted, patient and stubbornly persevering (as in "bull headed").   However, they can also be very jealous, possessive, easily resentful, greedy, indulgent and inflexible.   Strangely enough, light pink is the color associated with the Taurus zodiac symbol.

Virgo Zodiac Sign - (Aug 23 - Sep 23). The virgin is the symbol representing the Virgo sign.   Virgo's are typically modest, intelligent and reliable, paying attention to the details while being practical.  Virgo's can be very charming, however if they lean more toward their bad side, they can be worry warts, harsh and overly perfectionist.   Dark brown and green are the colors associated with the Virgo zodiac symbol.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign - (Dec 23 - Jan 20). The goat is the zodiac symbol of the Capricorn.  Capricorns can have a good sense of humor paired with practicality, discipline and ambition while at the same time they're also cautious, patient and reserved.   They can, however, tend to be pessimistic, stingy and able to hold to a grudge.


Water Zodiac Symbols

Cancer Zodiac Sign - (Jun 22 - Jul 22). The crab is the animal that represents the Cancer sign.   For people who don't necessarily like crab style horoscope tattoos, they can also choose the pearl as another symbol of the Cancer sign. Cancer individuals are usually loving, intuitive, emotional, imaginative as well as protective and sympathetic.   However, Cancers can be moody, complex and have the inability to let go of anything they're attached to.   Silver is the color associated with the Cancer zodiac symbol.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign - (Oct 24 - Nov 24). The Scorpion symbolizes the Scorpio sign.   Scorpio is thought to be the most intense and powerful character among the other symbols of the zodiac.   Scorpio people often have strong emotions, strong will, excitement, passion and typically have magnetic personalities.  However their weak points lie in their tendencies to be jealous, resentful, obsessive, stubborn and compulsive.

Pisces Zodiac Sign - (Feb 20 - Mar 20). The Pisces sign is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions.  People born under this zodiac symbol are generally sensitive, imaginative, compassionate and unselfish they are often intuitive and sympathetic.   Pisces' duality lies in their tendency to be extremely idealistic, vague and secretive and too easily led.  Soft sea green type colors are commonly associated with the Pisces design.


Fire Zodiac Symbols

Aries Zodiac Sign - (Mar 21 - Apr 20). The ram is the animal symbolizing the Aries/God of war sign. It's the first part of the spring equinox and was originally the first symbol in the zodiac.  People with this zodiac symbol are usually adventurous, pioneering, dynamic and enthusiastic.   However, when leaning toward their dark side, they can be impulsive, impatient, selfish, quickly angered and reckless.   Red is often associated with Aries sign.

Leo Zodiac Sign - (Jul 23 - Aug 22). The lion is the animal symbolizing the Leo sign.   Leos are the most extrovert among the other signs.  They are often generous, loving, creative, enthusiastic, broad minded and faithful and are natural born leaders.   However, they can also be bossy, have a tendency to put on airs or be intolerant and dogmatic.   Rubies and the color gold are often associated with the Leo zodiac symbol.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign - (Nov 23 - Dec 22). The Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer centaur.   They are generally optimistic, joyful, and somewhat intellectual and love their freedom.   However they can also be too optimistic, careless and even irresponsible. Sagittarius/centaur horoscope symbols represent the dual nature of the human to be both physical minded and intellectual at the same time.


Air Zodiac Symbols

Gemini Zodiac Sign - (May 22 - Jun 21). The twins represent the Gemini zodiac symbol because they are usually dual natured.  Their other symbol is the wolf as it refers to renowned Roman twins Romulus and Remus.   They're typically adaptable, communicative, eloquent and rather intellectual while having a certain amount of youthful liveliness. However they can also be two-faced, high tension, cunning individuals.  Green is most often the color associated with the Gemini design.

Libra Zodiac Sign - (Sep 24 - Oct 23). Balanced scales symbolize the Libra sign.

As their scales would suggest, Libra people are usually balanced, diplomatic, easy going and moralistic.   However, their dark side can include them being indecisive, naive and self indulgent.   It's considered to be one of the most desirable zodiac symbols to have as it's associated with harvest time, the climax of the year's productivity.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign - (Jan 21 - Feb 19). This symbol of the water carrier holds quite a bit of significance to some people as it references "the age of Aquarius".  People born under the zodiac symbol of Aquarius are typically friendly, original, and have an intellectual perspective while being humane, honest and loyal.   However, they can also have opposite characteristics like being perverse, unemotional and detached.

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