Hip Hop Fusion Is Here With Thekiddamarii’s Recent Single “7even//9ine”

Hip hop and rap is evolving with time. It is bringing up new trends every now and then. Rapping infused with singing is the new trend of hip hop. One of the new talented of this trend is theKiddAMARii. Living in California, he is inclined towards making music which will be out of the track. He focuses on setting fire through his music. Keeping this in mind, he has released his all new track on Soundcloud, “7even//9ine”.

7even//9ine has the essence of both rap and a song. So if you are keen to listen to rap, but you also love songs, then theKiddAMARii’s this number is a one stop solution for you. It gives the lyrical value just as the raps and also spreads melody like songs. The echoing sound and tone of the track has given it a sense of uniqueness. Along with that, the late inclusion of drumming gives the excitement. Rock your mood with this track on Soundcloud.

Social Link: https://twitter.com/theKiddAMARII

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Comment by K-Blao on November 25, 2017 at 8:06am


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