‘I GLO’ - Real N3mo’s New Track Will Help You Creating Flame on the Dance Floor

Hip hop has set its own recognition in the world of music. Therefore, a lot of artists have found interest in hip hop and rap. The rising star Real N3mo has also been a hip hop enthusiast who prefers releasing back-to-back new tracks for his fans. Hailing out of Atlanta, United States, this singer has always dreamt of creating phenomenal hip hop blends. He wants to set new recognition in the music industry. His music has therefore made a buzz amongst the listeners. Moreover, the pace of performance of this singer is quick and groovy.

The incredible beats and touch of exclusive rhythm have made it a big one. Fans are looking forward to listening to the next releases of Real N3mo. This singer out of Atlanta, United States, has already catered a good many number of followers count in soundcloud. This hardcore street track has brought things to a quiet loud finish. The verses of the song I GLO vary in pace and passion. The deep sense of rhythm and verse will keep you tuned for hours. To get updates on his next releases, subscribe his youtube channel.

The lyrical prowess in this single is gentle yet intense. It will make you tuned to that hip hop music for hours and will make you listen to it again and again. A touch of melody and melancholy is equally distributed throughout the music ‘I GLO’. The passion of the singer and openness of his mind are undeniable. Real N3mo brings forth the perfect rhythm and movement through his track in order to make the single satisfying and hypnotic. The organic instrumentation and style of creating hip hop have helped this aspiring singer to draw more traffic to his soundcloud profile. To watch more mesmerizing music videos of this artist, stay tuned to him in youtube.

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