Live Every Moment Musically with ‘Can Not Trust’ by Trulythesound

Trulythesound has developed his skill of crafting the most attractive sound with his creations. ‘Can Not Trust’ is an alluring rap from his list of craftsmanship.

Hip-hop is refreshing the minds of listeners with the creations of newbie rapper trulythesound. He is a true and passionate lover of hip-hop; his raps prove that clearly. ‘Can Not Trust’, being his latest release on Soundcloud, is creating buzz all around. He has efficiently reflected the reality with the rhythm and beats of this track.

Trulythesound is dedicated towards making such tracks which will empower the emotions of the listeners. ‘Can Not Trust’ is also made with utter creativity for this purpose. The soundscape of this track will refresh your mind. The soulful symphonic movement of this track gives out a rhythmic flow to the human body. The beauty of this track can be felt instantly after listening to the number.

Trulythesound has been creating flawless tracks with his mastery in rapping. His struggle and devotion has made him a popular name in the music industry. At the age of just 21, he has realised the truth of life. ‘Can Not Trust’ is crafted with that truthful approach of life making it an attractive number. You will be hooked up with ‘Can Not Trust’ once you listen to the piece. Tune into his Soundcloud profile and have a listen to this number.

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