Born and bred on Chicago's south side and south suburbs, Tru Blu (whose real name is Solomon Martin) started rapping and singing as soon as he could form a word. With influences such as Bob Marley and Kid Cudi, Blu started making an impact on peoples lives, like his role models through his poems, and rapping skills. He hopes to spark change in peoples lives and spread love with his raw content and relatable lyrics.
At 18, Blu realized his first endeavor into the music industry was a priceless learning experience. He learned success requires more than talent, charisma and drive---it also takes maturity and a business sense. Equipped with the “reality” of the music industry, Blu enrolled at Columbia College Chicago to learn the business of the industry to help him determine the best business decisions for his music career. 
2017 has been a productive year for Tru Blu, who landed a position on the writing and production team for an upcoming series called “Baggage” as well as a lead role in the series
staring as “RJ”. 
On May 2017, Tru Blu released Free Falling; his first single on his upcoming album, "Melanin Rebel”, soon be released in the new year. The album will be an introduction to who Tru Blu is as well as touching on the conflicting principles of the young gemini, while conveying deep thoughts and emotions told vividly and honest. This album will make listeners feel  liberated and inspired to be their greater selves while spreading love in the process. 
Be on the lookout for Tru Blu, as he breaks into the music scene with his fiery verses and unique approach to conscious rap in Chicago. 

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