Newbie Real N3mo is Creating Clamor with His Single ‘I Glo’

Hip hop and rap music is recognized as a youth-oriented genre for this music style is fresh, bold and powered with energetic elements. Since inception, hip hop and rap music has been recognized for its witty and flamboyant nature and of course for its care free nature to speak out loud about different themes. Atlanta based rapper Real N3mo is making it to the top of the hip hop music arena with his new single “I Glo”. Listen to this witness his mastery on the genre.

Whether it is about deep emotions or about the brutal themes of the society, no other music genre but hip hop is the best way to narrate rap stories to its listeners from all over the world. SoundCloud music site is one best site where the craze of this genre can be witnessed at is best. Like every season, soundCloud is focusing in the music gallery of a new artist named Real N3mo who is all set with his new single “I Glo”.

Atlanta based N3mo is well versed with the dirty south elements that lays much stress on street style hardcore rapping styles. In the track “I Glo”, N3mo’s extremely gritty rapping style will entice listeners’ throughout the track. The raw elements and bang on music score makes “I Glo” the best club banger track for this season. Stay tuned to SoundCloud for the upcoming releases by N3mo.

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