Power Pack Rap Duo SinnerCliqueRec Releases Back-to-Back Singles

Upcoming hip hop duo label SinnerCliqueRec is spreading energetic vibes on the SoundCloud. This duo is setting trends in the new wave hip hop and rap music zone.

SinnerCliqueRec is a Miami based label and is comprised of two versatile artists Steez and TKO. Both these artists are pro at rapping, singing, beat making and song writing and this is the one reason behind their SoundCloud success. Their label represents the team spirit that is the cause for the growing success of every music group.

Both the artists raps like a pro, creates music that has the most trending beats and performs like iconic hip hop artists. Since they have appeared on the SoundCloud gala with “Texas OT”, they are witnessing huge popularity and their fan list is increasing by numbers every moment.

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