Rap Duo Band Sinnercliquerec Is Setting Goals for New Wave Hip Hop Music

Miami rap music scene is bold and vibrant with club music being the best seller in the place. Although the city is a place of diverse music genre, but rap music is the charm of the place. The artists of SinnerCliqueRec are individually talented and well versed with the changing trends in the genre. Right from its debut track “Texas OT”, the duo band gave clear indications that they are pro as rapper and even have fair knowledge about the trippy trap genre. Both Steez and TKO are rap icons with an exceptional style of narration. The themes of their tracks cover different aspects from human emotion to societal contexts. Another track exceptional rapping style of Steez will amaze listeners. SinnerCliqueRec also proves their cutting-edge perfection in new wave hip hop and rap music in “1818 (Intro)”.

The contemporary hip hop and rap music zone is crowded with many artists and rappers who are trying their level best to prove their innovative approach. No matter however the content, there are some basic components that are essential to create a perfect music piece. If there is no team spirit between the artists, their producers and other important persons involved in a track, the original charm of the track is lost. Especially when it is a rap duo or group performance collaborative approach is the key to succeed. In these terms, the rap duo band SinnerCliqueRec sets examples for all other artists in the thriving space.

SinnerCliqueRec’s latest single “Miles Away” is their best project till date. The track begins with an amazing melody followed by the edgy rapping style of TKO. The lyrics’ of the track uses different relatable metaphors. The duo band is bucking u to become a big wig in the hip hop and rap industry. For bookings get in touch with them at therealksteez@gmail.com

Artist's Social Link : https://www.instagram.com/tikod1/

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